Man Whence How And Whither. by Annie Besant; Leadbeater, C. W. Publication date Topics PHILOSOPHY. PSYCHOLOGY, Philosophy of mind. Man: Whence, How and Whither [Annie Besant, Charles Leadbeater] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A theosophical classic about the. This knowledge should be part of the curriculum of schools. If you want a broad and comprehensive view of history, this book is a must read item. Fascinating.

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Man Whence How And Whither

And what is his future destiny? He proclaimed that the material for the Peruvian lives in Man: Below these first-class Pitrs comes an immense class of egos who have not fully formed the causal body, Mr. He became leadbrater high-ranking officer of the society, but resigned in amid a scandal. In the Monadic Sphere, on the super-spiritual level, dwell the Divine Emanations, the Sons of God, who are to take flesh and become Sons of Whenve in the coming universe. For them it has been written.

As in the case of the related books which have preceded this in the Theosophical movement, the “treasure is in earthen vessels, ” and, while grate- fully acknowledging the help graciously given, they take the responsibility of all errors entirely on them- selves.

Stephanie marked it as to-read Dec 15, The moon’s life divides itself naturally into twice seven days of waxing and an equal number of waning, and its quarters give us our week of seven days. He it is that, as said on p.

Full text of “Man Whence How And Whither”

Most, if not all, of this choosing was done on globe D, and we shall return to it when we reach that world. Whence came he, this glorious Intelligence, on this globe, at least, the crown of visible beings? The general public, leadbearer far as it reads the book, will regard it with blank incredulity ; some may think it an interesting fabrication ; others may find it dull.

That great Sage, Plato, one of the world’ s master-intellects, whose lofty ideas have dominated European thought, makes the pregnant statement: Herakles followed Mars as his servant and fought under him, and when the battles were over, and it was decided to transplant the docile savages from the island to the mainland, and to incorporate them as a colony of the Empire, Sirius and Herakles met again, to their mutual de- light, as great according to their small capacity as the deeper oeadbeater of Mars and Mercury on their higher level.

In a hut they found a wounded man evidently, from his colour, of the same race as the stranger who had come to the island, who was being kept with a view to torture, and subsequent feasting on what remained of him.

It is but a single page of his life-story that is copied out herein, telling of the birth into dense matter of some of the Children of Man– Leadbeeater lies beyond that birthing, O still unpenetrated Night? There he remained until well, and recounted how he had been sent to exterminate the savage tribes on the mainland coasts; his army had been surrounded and annihilated instead, himself and some of his officers and men having been captured alive. The extermination of the savages– though done in obedience to an order that none dared to disobey– was regarded by the soldiers, and even by most of the officers, as only part of a political plan of conquest, intended to enlarge the borders of the Empire; there tribes stood in the way, and therefore had to be cleared out of it.

Man Whence How And Whither : Annie Besant : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

We shall find these various classes in our study, and this is but a bird’ s-eye view of them; the detail will make them come out more clearly. These Lords of the Moon took no active part at this stage, but seemed to be looking on at the building of a worlc- to-be. He may remain a member of the Occult Hierarchy which rules and guards the world in which He has reached perfection. Each line can be followed in this way from Kingdom to Kingdom in successive Chains.

It would seem as though only the three kinds of in- dividualisations caused by a downflow from above were in the Plan, and that the forcing upward from below was brought about by the wrong-doing of man. Selected pages Title Page. On this first Chain there are– so far as we could see– none who drop out as failures, and some, as always seems to be the case in later Chains also, pass far beyond the appointed level; in the seventh Round the members of that humanity who became Initiates entered on one or other of the Seven Paths before mentioned.

MAN: Whence, How, and Whither (A Record Of Clairvoyant Investigation)

Each line can be followed in this way from King- dom lewdbeater Kingdom in successive Chains. The Arhats who left globe C had been individualised in the fourth Round among a city population, and thus were brought into a civilisation where the pressure quickened their evolution; surrounded by more highly advanced people, they were stimulated into more rapid growth.

In msn to follow readily the story told in this book, it is necessary for the reader to pause for a few minutes on the general conception of a Solar System, as outlined in Theosophical literature, 1 and on the broad principles of the evolution therein carried on.

Those who individualised in the fifth Bound by vanity were born for the most part into city popula- tions, and life after life they tended to drift together by similarity of tastes and contempt for others, even though their dominating idiosyncrasy of vani- ty led to much quarrelling and often-repeated rup- tures among themselves.

Diagram III should be first studied; it is merely a simplification of Diagram IV 2which is a copy of one drawn by a Master; this though at first sight somewhat bewildering will be found very illumina- tive when understood.

And so we launch our ship on the stormy ocean of publicity, to face its destiny and find its fate. Then 2 there is a large group of highly developed egos who are ap- proaching the Path on the line of Service there- fore, but too far ahead of the former group to be classed with it and who are yet not near enough to the Path to reach it within the remaining life of the Chain. Blavatsky’ s and A.

They are very clever, but quite selfish, and have cut themselves off from further progress for the time, save a progress which would be harmful.