I don’t like Macron But he is a way better than Trump (it’s not so hard) lmao hahahahahahahcant stop laughing m8 .. # Norway kasparama. It certainly would NOT have been ideal with Hillary either, but still much. Dầu Macron M8 làm việc ở chế độ nặng tải đa dụng dùng trong gia công cắt gọt thép có độ bền cao, kim loại màu và kim loại nhẹ. Tương thích với sơn. telegraph-front-page/news-story/ Vc . d=”M8 17v-6h4v6h5V9h3L10 0 0 9h3v8z” fill=”#”.

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Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. I have an intense feeling that most Americans don’t even know why France was invaded, or our role in it.

Yes, and current policy. I grew up with a narcissist. Content is considered rehosted when a publication takes the majority of their content from another website and reposts it in order to get the traffic and collect ad revenue.

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Really makes you go “hmm Well written and interesting content can be worthwhile, even if you disagree with it. The whole European Union is built on the friendship between France and Germany. We love you guys. Whatever they are, idiots would be a vast improvement. The phrased originated 20 then as WW2 consumed our allies.


I’ve seen simultaneous “Germany is committing suicide via globalization” and “the EU is a clandestine German imperial power grab! Only Trump supporters who know nothing of history would believe this.

Houghton Macron 205 M-8 – Neat Honing and Grinding Oil – gf/12459

Articles must be published within the last calendar month. I’m pretty sure people at the pentagon has tried to explain this to him multiple times but he refuses to listen. The walls are closing in.

It doesn’t matter which way I look, there’s fire and destruction all around me. He’s popular because he can get sex from beautiful women. Vote based on quality, not opinion.

Submit a new link. And that’s how I know that the thing that gets to him most is when he’s portrayed as a buffoon, or jacron people insult his intelligence or competence. In journalists will be writing on the centenary of the Great War – that is, if there has not been a greater war.

Articles must be written in English An article must be primarily written in English for us to be able to moderate macgon and enforce our rules macroh a fair and unbiased manner. But violent uprisings aren’t the answer either, so that leaves things like strikes as a good middle ground as something with real impact but not inherently violent.


Articles must deal explicitly with US politics. That’s all ancient history, surely. This criticism of the European military is ridiculous, france and the uk are the 5th and 6th most powerful militarily in the world. Because this is coming from the same guy who mafron the War of to claim that Canada was a national security threat and therefore deserved us ripping up our trade agreements because of it.

EndrTimes: ‘We convinced him’: Macron says he steered Trump on Syria strikes

I know that’s a huge historical shortcut, I’m simplifying it More seriously, that tweet is totally nonsensical. But people actually trying to sabotage that makes me uneasy. He can’t handle it.

Our full rules Reddiquette Comment Guidelines: We support your plan to massively scale back our macdon spending to get back some of our money”. What a demented tweet. Political discussion requires varied opinions.

Well duh, Canada is a threat to national security! And as a French, I can’t wait to invade your country for next Oktoberfest!! Maybe we’ll just go hang with Canada for a while