In Muncie in the classic sociological study Middletown, published in by Robert S. and Helen M. Lynd. The name (shortened in from Munseetown or . – Robert and Helen Lynd arrive in Muncie, Indiana to study religion in American of questions which were then asked of samples of people in Middletown. Middletown has 84 ratings and 4 reviews. by. Robert Staughton Lynd, Middletown is the report of a year and a half study the Lynds and their assistants .

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Paperbackpages. While their follow-up study which revealed little change despite experiencing of the Great Depression has been criticized, the town they called “Middletown” continued to be used by those seeking to understand the life of typical American communities.

Robert and Helen Lynd. April rated it liked it Jan 03, lhnd By doing this, for instance, they ignored the influence of larger citieswhich grew in population throughout their era.

New World Encyclopedia writers and editors rewrote and completed the Wikipedia article in accordance with New World Encyclopedia standards. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Robert and Helen Lynd returned to Muncie in for a follow-up study, and published their second book, Middletown in Transition: Want to Read saving….

The study found that at least 70 percent of the population belonged to the working class. They published their findings in with a detailed portrayal of a kiddletown becoming less devout and less deferent, more educated and more automated, where women were less likely to bake their own bread and more likely to work outside the home, young people lead more independent lives, where public speeches were getting shorter and schoolgirls preferred cotton to silk stockings. Home ownership is considered the mark of a “respectable” family.


Overall, due to this new technology, community and family ties are breaking down. However, women still, by and large, worked middletosn housewives.

A community as small as thirty-odd thousand But what it did was create this other myth about a representative America — a nostalgic, white nativist America. The study aimed to examine the consequences of this change. Change and Continuity in Middletown’s Religion Toward a Social Basis for Freedom.

They saw a contradiction in American society—on one side Americans being independent and capable of organizing their own lives, and on the other so powerless and passive in the mirdletown of advertising. After the completion of their study, the Lynds presented the results to the Institute of Social and Religious Research, but met with a cold reception.

Middletown studies – Wikipedia

lhnd The main reason for this appears to be increased cynicism towards politics, and politicians in general politicians are considered by many to be no better than crooks.

Also, many of the clergy tend to be politically progressiveand as such, are not welcomed into the city’s governance. For example, the “business class”, traditionally Republican, grudgingly supported the presidency of Franklin D. The Lynds and a group of researchers conducted an in-depth field research study of the white residents of a small American urban center to discover key cultural norms and better understand social change.

Return to Kiddletown Page. Jeffrey rated it liked it Mar 22, Above all, the Lynds were criticized for using a small town to describe all of America. The Lynds used the middletowh of the cultural anthropologist mlddletown see field research and social anthropologyexisting documents, statistics, old newspapers, interviews, and surveys to accomplish this task.

The history of earlier contributions by wikipedians is accessible to researchers here: A Study in Cultural Conflicts They saw the Great Depression as an opportunity to see how the social structure of the town changed. The book is written in an entirely descriptive tone, treating the citizens of Middletown in much the same way as an anthropologist from an industrialized nation might describe a non-industrial culture. A Study in American Culture was primarily a look at changes in the white population of a typical American city between anda period of great economic change.


Because of innovations such as mortgageseven working-class families lynnd able to own their own homes. They found Muncie, Indiana. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. However, labor unions had been driven out of town because the city’s elite saw middleton as anti-capitalist.

The view from Middletown: a typical US city that never did exist

She wrote numerous books on philosophyeducationand sociology. Tue 18 Oct Show 25 25 50 All. Although new technology has created more leisure time for all people, most of this new time is passed in “passive” or nonconstructive recreation.

While there are many places in the U. The book was released to rave reviews and enduring success. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Middletown studies

Or put in more detail. This almost anthropological study of Muncie is an excellent companion to the Lynds’ works and serves as a middlteown cultural study of small-town America in the late twentieth century.

This was their central aim, to challenge the myth of meritocracy and social fluidityand show how much the America one was born into shaped your life chances.