A Simple Tutorial to Get New Users up to Speed in modo. If not, it is recommended users read up on the interface page of the documentation to get an. Explore Tanita Datsenko’s board “Luxology Modo 3D” on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Modeling, 3d tutorial and Models. It makes a lot of use of Pixar subdivision which is only available in Modo or later. Find this Pin and more on. An official video tutorials by Luxology where James Darknell xplains how to add dynamics in MODO to a car model, creating a hinge with a motor and.

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To activate it, we must modify the ‘Action Center’ setting. Am I missing something?

MutantPixel January 27, at 3: First, select the new bridged polygons of the handle using the Lasso selection method. This is not the first time that I have seen modi modo tut which did not work because of typos and false entries made. The pace of design really increases using Modo. That makes the geometry for the handle.

Toggle into ‘Polygons’ mode, and select the polygons flanking the edges you just scaled using the methods you learned above. I am impressed with modo. This is done through the application of a selection.

10 best Luxology Modo 3D images on Pinterest | Modeling, 3d tutorial and Models

It makes sense that you would only want to edit what you see, however, this isn’t always the behavior you want because sometimes you do want to edit those unseen or rear facing polygons, so there are two distinct methods for lasso selection geometry, the rights mouse button RMB lasso selects only what is seen, and the middle mouse button MMB selects through the luxoloty.

Spaceman Spiff December 17, at Activate the Bridge tool on the ‘Polygon’ subtab of the toolbox. This will equalize and straighten them finishing off the mug. I also write training courseware. Once that is applied, again press the ‘Q’ key to drop the scale tool and return to selection mode.


The last operation is to apply Subdivision Surfaces smoothing to the model by pressing the ‘Tab’ key.

Tutoriasl comments should be indented and the cmds in bold, short and to the point. Lets go over the interactive handles, at the center of the cylinder is three arrows, for moving the position of cylinder, colored to luxoloby to the axis they move on, then there are small plus or star shaped handles for adjusting radius values individually.

Nice intro to Modo. The mug in the photo has nice rounded edges, unlike this model so far, so we need to round them using the ‘Edge Bevel’ function. Select the entire side of the handle this way and then activate the ‘Scale’ tool R key. We want to select the entire bottom edge of the cylinder, modo has shortcuts to simplify these kinds of actions.

Whether you’re looking for the free Substance Designer kit or an advanced V-Ray plug-in, we’re got you covered. Luuxology, exactly, that is the step.

modo Inline Help System

It sounds like you might have accidentally added an additional edge, but that’s pure conjecture without seeing an image of your result. You can press ‘Q’ to drop the tool and ‘Esc’ to drop the selection.

Edge Bevel tool icon. It will be easier to tackle the main body of the mug first, then add the handle later. It takes about one minute to model that cup in Solidworks, and I’ve spent 3 hours trying to figure out while the supposed simple function of scale just does not work? The Work Plane also determines the orientation. Meet our support team With the best support team around or luxolovy our customers keep telling uswe’re easy to contact and dedicated to delivering a quick response when you need a hand.

First we’ll need to make the selection for our outer surface to apply the slice to, so again select two adjoining polygon faces, this time on the side of the mug and press ‘L’ to select the loop. Something you normally wouldn’t see until first proto, you can conceptualize in a sketch much earlier in the design process. Nextit is necessary to bevel the same polygon again, but further editing of the handles will simply modify the initial bevel unless the tool is dropped and reactivated.


We now have just the border of the polygons selected. First let’s examine the shape of the mug. When selectedits background will change to an orange color luoxlogy its attributes will appear in the ‘tool tutorialss viewport directly below the toolbox pictured in the left panels further below.

So far, not so impressed with Modo. As mentioned above, modeling is often the act of creating and then modifying, so that is exactly tutoriala we’re going to do here. This centers the action origin at the tool handles location and keeps the axis alignment upright.

You can easily follow my orientation by matching the axis widget in the lower right corner of the 3D viewport. When you initially draw the cylinder with Modo freshly loaded the number of segments is something more than one, so when you scale the bottom edge, it only scales the bottom segments.

All that does for me is add somewhat of a bevel effect to the bottom corner, it does not create the uniform draft angle of the cup at all.

The ‘Loop Slice’ tool is found under the ‘Mesh Luxollgy sub-tab of the toolbox. Do this same action for the upper nub, but rotate the nub to face downward 20 degrees.