Editorial Reviews. Review. Ren e and Dante must make it to the Netherworld before the time Love Reborn: A Dead Beautiful Novel – Kindle edition by Yvonne Woon. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Read “Love Reborn A Dead Beautiful Novel” by Yvonne Woon with Rakuten Kobo. Renée and Dante are dying. The soul they share cannot sustain them both . 3 books in this series. Dead Beautiful. from: $ #1. Life Eternal. from: $ # 2. Love Reborn. #3. List View | Grid View. Books by Yvonne Woon.

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A lake of ice stretched out before me, its water frozen into dark blue ribbons. The buildings of Gottfried Academy loomed around it, crooked and yvonnne. All was quiet save for a strange thudding.

Rebron echoed up through the ground as if something buried deep beneath the earth were trying to break free. The winter air sucked his name from my lips before my voice made a sound. I searched the horizon for him, but the snow was clean and unsullied by footprints. Had the Monitors caught him, those gifted graduates of Gottfried Academy, using their special ability to sense death? Had they hunted him down, just like my grandfather had ordered?

Had they buried him? A dog barked in the distance. A deep voice echoed through the trees. I can feel him. I turned towards the woods.

Was he talking about Dante? The thudding grew stronger lovs the ground seemed to tremble. I felt the earth vibrate beneath my feet. My gaze returned to loove frozen lake. The rebirn was coming from beneath the surface. I inched towards it, watching the brittle ribbons of ice quiver. The dogs were approaching, their barks sharpening, their feet scuttling through the snow. I covered my ears as the thudding grew louder, more desperate.

The surface of the lake bulged. Dozens of tiny faults splintered towards the shore in jagged seams. Another thud, and it buckled. The air pulsed with each tremor until a sharp crack rang out through the cold.

Then all went still. I lowered my hands from my ears. The black water pooled through the crack in the ice. A pale hand reached up from the surface of the lake.

Love Reborn

Water sloshed from the gash in the ice. His woln body rose from the depths, his lips a bruised purple, his auburn hair matted to his temples.

He dug his fingers into the ice and dragged himself out. His eyes snapped open as the lake spilled off of him. He looked at me, his mouth forming my name. I bolted awake, his name on my lips. I pressed them shut before the sound left my mouth, and sat up, the room coming into focus. Everything else — the lake, the thumping, the Monitors — had been nothing more than a dream. I sank back into the cushions.

How long had I been wandering through the woods? I thought back, trying to discern each grey morning from the next. Ten days since I had taken the train back to Gottfried Academy with Noah. Loge days since he had dived into the lake to retrieve the chest that the ninth sister had hidden at the llve.


Ten days since the Undead had surrounded us and woo Noah back into the frozen lake, his palm pressing against the underside of the ice as the life left him. It feels like another life now; the place where I could have fallen for Noah And now — ten days since Dante had whisked me away just before one of the Liberum pressed his hollow mouth to mine to take my soul.

They were an Undead brotherhood so elusive, so insidious, that many Monitors reblrn their existence a mere legend. There were nine of them, their faces shrouded with hoods, reborm bodies so gaunt they looked inhuman. They had been alive for centuries, taking the souls of innocent people to keep the decay of their bodies at bay.

Yvomne for the sole purpose of finding eternal life and becoming human again. The Liberum travelled with a group of Undead boys, who flanked them like an army.

Many Monitors had spied the boys, but only a rare few had laid won on a Brother. Even fewer wanted to, for every Monitor knew that if you saw the Liberum, it was because they had been searching for you first. Their blue lips would be the last sight your eyes would see. I was the exception. The Liberum had been searching for a way to become human for years, and now that they knew I had the chest of the Nine Sisters, which was supposed to contain the secret to eternal life, they would stop at nothing to find me and take it rebor my grasp.

Every so often, I thought I could feel their vacancy snaking through the mountains, moving towards us. Or was it just the winter chill? We had thrown them off our trail days before, and were spending nights wherever we could find shelter, Dante leading our escape.

Now we were in a cabin somewhere in the mountains between Maine and New Hampshire, navigating through the maze of icy yyvonne that belonged to no live or person.

That was the amount of time it took for a person to reanimate. Maybe my dream had been real. Maybe Noah had reanimated. I blinked, taking in the dusty sofa beneath me. I was sitting in the living room of a cabin that Dante and I had stumbled across while stealing through the Yvonbe Mountains.

Love Reborn (Dead Beautiful, book 3) by Yvonne Woon

A thin quilt was tangled around my legs. Instinctively, I reached for my bag. I had taken to sleeping with it for safe keeping, but when I patted the cushions I realized it was gone. I kicked off the blanket. Through the curtains, I could see the first hint of dawn peeking through the pines. He was hunched over the desk just a few feet away, his broad shoulders jutting out beneath the thin cotton of his shirt, his body so still it looked lifeless.

And technically, it was. Dante had died seventeen years before in a plane crash, on the same day that I was born. His body had been lost at sea.


Because he was never buried or put to rest, his body had reanimated ten days later as an Undead, pale and numb to rdborn sensation. His soul had been reborn into a new person, from whom he could take it back with just a single, fatal kiss. His presence crept over me like frost blooming on a windowpane. With each day his face seemed to change, his handsome features sharpening and aging far too quickly for me to memorize them.

His skin was still smooth, yet his face looked gaunter, paler; his eyes were still a rich brown, yet I could already see a cloudy haze creeping over their edges, threatening to engulf them in grey.

I wanted to tell Dante about my dream. But how could I explain that although I loved him and my soul ached for him even when we were standing side by side, it also ached for Noah, and for what I had done to him? Why had I let him come with me to Gottfried that night? The chest that had been inside rested on the desk in front of him, its lid ajar, as though he had been studying it. It seemed to suck up all the air in ny room, leaving Dante and me in a silence that never used to exist between us.

I preferred to pretend that we had never opened it, that its contents were still a source of hope. Dante traced his hand around the rim of the chest. Pinned to the underside of the lid was a preserved canary, laid flat as if in flight. Its plumage, though aged, had a golden lustre; its tail feathers were long and sharp, two brilliant yellow streaks.

Of all the creatures on earth, the canary was the most difficult animal for a Monitor to sense when it was dead.

This was why the ninth sister had pinned it inside the chest before she hid it in the lake at Gottfried: An elaborate collection of lines and shapes was etched into the metal around them, tangling into a strange sort of landscape.

Inside the chest sat a small black box, no larger than a bar of soap. It was such a little thing, so unassuming, and yet the mere sight of it gave me pause. It was carved bluntly out of a dull metallic rock. The shape of a canary was etched into its lid, along with the words: I lifted it from the recess, feeling its familiar heaviness in my palm.

It had no latch or keyhole or hinge, not even a seam, and yet I could feel its contents shifting like dust. I crept to the window, hoping I had imagined the sound. A flock of crows scattered from a tree nearby.

Behind it, the snowy mountains glistened in the early morning sun.