LMCN Datasheet, LMCN PDF, LMCN Data sheet, LMCN manual, LMCN pdf, LMCN, datenblatt, Electronics LMCN. Link to LMCN – Operational Amplifier from National Semiconductor datasheet. Product Detail: Offer LMCN NSC, LMN, LM from Hong Kong NSC】Electronic Components In Stock Suppliers in 【Price】【Datasheet PDF】 .

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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Box Apex, NC Do you remember dataeheet CB fad? Six years ago Americans jammed the air waves as every- body discovered the fun of personal commun- ications. But like datasgeet big fads, CB soon died.

People hung up their mikes eatasheet gave CB back to the truckers who started the fad datasbeet the first place.

The personal communications fad is now back with an entirely new concept. TalkTalk is a headphone lm4163cn a boom mike that lets you talk hands-free with someone else blocks away. Your voice datadheet a transmitter. When you stop talking, the transmitter auto- matically shuts off and you receive. The transmitter, receiver and power supply are located in a small case thinner than a pack of cigarettes which you wear clipped to your belt or placed in your pocket. This leaves one ear free to hear the sounds around you-much safer for outside activities than the popular stereo headphones.

You can now communicate, hands-free and in safety, white you cycle, hike, jog, work or play for up to one-half mile and all on a single 9- volt battery that lasts up to 8 hours of typical use. But there’s much more. An antenna circles the headphone so there’s no ugly wire protruding from the top of your head and you keep your conversations private because the range is reduced to a block.

But if you want to reach out to the unit’s half miie range, simply unhook the antenna wire from its clamp and presto, you have an ugly wire protruding from the top lm136cn your head.

For example, dataheet system uses frequency modulation FM as lm4136xn to the amplitude modulated signal used in Lm1436cn. CB frequencies tend to get crowded -with power- ful stations often talking on top of each other. Not true with FM. The system’s FM receiver uses a “capture effect,” to reject all other signals letting you hear only the one signal closest to you.

You capture a clear, crisp, easy-to-hear transmission. And since the Federal Communicatons Commission has set aside the TalkTalk’s frequency of 49 mega- hertz for milliwatt maximum power, no other higher power station will bury you. But wait, there’s even more.

A voice-actfvated sensitivity switch lets you adjust your boom mike for all outside noise conditions low for a motorcycle and medium or high for a bicycle. And a two-staged volume control lets you securely adjust the volume level with no fear of accidentally moving it. You can keep the system’s 6-ounce case in your vest pocket or clip it to your belt with its removable pager-styled clip. In fact, even the clip is impressive.


It’s a heavy-duty device that can be slipped off when you want to keep the unit in your pocket. The boom portion of the mike is malleable. That means you can bend it in any direction and it will stay there. Wear the mike close to your mouth, far away, or even bend it out of the way completely. We used ours and came up with over activities that make the TalkTalk useful or datasheer.

Sure, the datsaheet ones like cycling, hiking, sports, work and ln4136cn came easy. But how about using a pair in a shopping center to keep in touch? Or how about keeping In contact with your home while you walk the dog?

TalkTalk can be used for outdoor trea- sure hunts, or by tour directors and ski instruc- tors. The list goes on. If enough people use them, you’ll be able to ride your bicycle down a path and meet other TalkTalkers as well. There are five sep- arate channels to choose from.

If you order a pair, we’ll send you a matched frequency set. To order more on that frequency simply spec- ify the frequency on your reorder form. TalkTalk is manufactured by Standard Communications- an established manufac- turer of professional two-way communications systems- assurance that your modest invest- ment is well protected.

The TalkTalk was de- signed for rugged use but if service is ever required, Standard’s convenient service-by- mail center is as close as your mailbox. Credit card buyers may call our toil -free number below. Datassheet how far you can transmit with the antenna up or down. Use it datashet a shopping center, on a bike ride or in your factory. See how comfortable it feels and how safe you feel with one ear free to hear outside sounds.

Then decide if you want to keep it. Every once in a while we discover a product that really is fun yet opens up a new dimension in convenience and utility. The TalkTalk is just that product. Order a pair at no obligation, today. QuaJily control at Memorex means starting with the best materia Is available. Continual surveillance through- out the entire man ufactu ring process.

The benefit of Memory’s years of experience in magnetic media pro- duction, resulting, for Instance, In proprietary coating formulations. The most sophisticated testing proce- dures you’ll find anywhere in the business.

LMCN datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

Ea en trac k of each flexible disc Is tested, individually, to Memorex’s stringent standards of exceHen. They test signal amplitude, resolution, low-pass modulation, overwrite, missing pulse error and extra pulse error. They are torque-tested, and competitively tested on drives available from almost every major drive manufacturer in the industry includ- ing drives that Memorex manufacturers. Ftigid quality a ud its a re bu i It int o every step of i he manma n ufactu ring process and stringent testing result in a standard of excellence that assures you, our customer, of a quality product designed for increased data reliability and consistent top performance.


Customer-Oriented Packaging Memorex’s commitment to excellent does not stop with a quality product. They are proud of their flexible discs and they package them with pride. Goth their packaging and their labeling have been designed with your ease of identification and use in mind.

The desk- top box containing ten discs is convenient for filing and storage. Goth box labels and jacket labels provide full information on compatibility, density, sectoring, and record length.

Envelopes with multi-language care and handling instructions and and color-coded removable labels are included. A write- protect feature is available to provide data security. Full One Year Warranty— Your Assurance of Quality Memorex Flexible Discs will be replaced free of charge by Memorex if theyare found to be defective in materials o r wor km ans h ip with!

Quantity Discounts Available Memorex Flexible Discs are packed 10 discs to a carton and 1 cartons to a case. Please order only in increments of units for quantity pricing. We are also willing to accommodate your smaller orders. Quantity discounts are also available. Our warehouse facilities are equipped to help us get you the quality product you need, when you need it. Dial S and ask for the flexible disc hotline extension In California dial ex- tension AH sales are subject to availability, acceptance and verification.

All sales are final.

LM4136CN, LM4136J/883, LM4136N

Prices, terms and speci- fications are subject to change without notice. Out of stock items wilt be placed on backorder automatically unless CE Is instructed differently. All shipments are F. Non-certrfied and foreign checks require bank clearance. Ann Arbor, Michigan 4S U. Order toll-tree in the U. Call anytime 4. If you If you are outside the U. Order your high quality, error free Memorex discs today.

A buyer’s guide to hardware and software. Connect it to your VCR and video camera setup and use it to add titles to your home video movies. Get started today building this microprocessor-based video ac- cessory. The story starts on page Tum to page 4C.

Both hardware and software are covered. Turn to page One-year sub- scription rate: Mail all subscription orders. Radio- Electronics publishes available plans or information relating to newsworthy products, techniques and scientific and technological developments. Because of possible variances in the quality and condition of materials and workmanship used by readers. Radio-Electronics disclaims any responsibility lor the safe end proper functioning of reader-built projects based upon or from plans or Information published in this magazine.

They’re loaded with extras that extend multimeter life and make your job a lot easier and safer. Warranty Card from back of Instruc- tion Manual.