The Black Hole War has ratings and reviews. Most scientists didn’t recognize the import of Hawking’s claims, but Leonard Susskind and Gerard. Leonard Susskind has a new book that’s now out in the bookstores, entitled The Black Hole War: My Battle With Stephen Hawking to Make the. The Black Hole War: My Battle with Stephen Hawking to Make the World Safe for Quantum Mechanics. Leonard Susskind, Author. Little, Brown.

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The Black Hole Wars | Perimeter Institute

Views Read Edit View history. But this hol goes too far, I think. Anyway, the authors refresh concepts every now and then, and guide you by the hand through the book. I couldn’t take another bite. Susskind said, “I completely agree with you! I listened to the audiobook, as narrated by Ray Porter.

Not you specifically somebodybut somebody! Chapter 15 – A BH stretched horizon is one Planck distance above the horizon.

hple These black hole ideas are important because if Hawking is right and information really does disappear once the black hole evaporates then we too disappear – erased forever! Physics near any Black Hole singularity most likely falls outside the domain of validity of quantum field theory and statistical mechanics, as we know them.

What makes the book so good, however, is how much Susskind explains in a fundamental way, as close to first principals as possible. When the city tried enforcing the anti-topless-bar ordinance, the owner could now say: That was such an interesting question that I have to start playing too.


His research interests include string theory, quantum field theory, quantum statistical mechanics and quantum cosmology. They just won’t sussind together. The book covers the black hole information paradoxand the related scientific dispute between Stephen Hawking and Susskind.

The Black Hole War: My Battle with Stephen Hawking to Make the World Safe for Quantum Mechanics

It’s not that I’m trying to say that mathematics is some mystical concept not to susskijd taken seriously, but when you’re doing math that requires adding six extra dimensions at a scale that in order to prove anything you would need a collider the size of the our galaxy, I think there is definitely an element of faith to that.

So he can be a great communicator of physics when he tries. Susskind gives readers a course in black holes, quantum physics and string theory as he explains his belief that information cannot be destroyed. Three decades ago, a young physicist named Stephen Hawking claimed it did-and in doing so put at risk everything we know about physics and the fundamental laws of the universe.

These turn out to fill a large mathematical hole in String Theory.

The Black Hole Wars

I would say this is a must-read for anyone interested in learning about cutting edge concepts in Physics like Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Gravity, and String Theory which can be very hard to unde A really excellent book. I think I’ve had my fill of physics for dummies.

Hawking said he had proven that information that enters a black hols is lost forever. According to this proper time metric, a straight yole between two events has the largest proper time!

Einstein discovered General Theory of Relativity gravitational red shift where clocks slow down near a heavy mass.

The Susskind blog mentioned in my posting is legitimate. The Best Books of Any particle can emit a graviton, even other gravitons. Whatever the reason, scientific criticism is not personal, and this is one of the key lessons Susskind teaches in this book, really a characteristic of true science.


June 26, at 6: Light on “science” and heavy on “popular”, this is the kind of “popular science” that makes me cringe. Susskind doesn’t spare us the droll jokes and anecdotes—most groaningly bad, which is his trademark. Complementarity, as in the complementary particle-wave nature of photons.

The first person account not only makes for interesting reading it also lets you learn something about how science is advanced and debates are settled. Bets made over a beer between scientists rarely make the headlines, but in Stephen Hawking conceded that he’d lost a bet and that a view he had held for 30 years was wrong. Quotes from The Black Hole Wa However, it is consistent with the real world and does allow theories to be tested for consistency.

Naturally, any modern textbook on general relativity is even better if you can handle it. For the sake of clarification, the purpose of this book is not to humiliate Stephen Hawking whose work I deeply enjoy. Think of one-dimension balls along a line — and if you zoom in, you see that the line is actually a cylinder along which ants can travel in the transverse direction.