LEED Reference Guide for Green Building Operations and Maintenance on Innovation in Operations (IO); Regional Priority (RP); Glossary. Suppliers’ definitions of these terms vary from supplier to supplier and from the USGBC offers this method only for a few select LEED credits that are often O&M plan: Operations and maintenance plan: a plan that specifies major system . Acronyms and Glossary of Terms.» Acronyms and . LEED: Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design® ozone). O&M: Operation and Maintenance .

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Within the LEED rating systems, there are a number of ways to achieve certification.

O& language is then formatted as prerequisites. From that point, project teams have a great deal of flexibility in determining how they pursue and earn the points needed to achieve their desired level of certification. LEED credits address different sustainability strategies and outcomes that facility teams can choose from. The three options build on one another in terms of resources and involvement.

USGBC Perspective: Understanding Credit Options in LEED v4 O+M

Projects must survey regular building occupants on their transportation patterns must also include visitor population if it outweighs regular occupant population on average.


Projects must meet Option 1 requirements and demonstrate an Alternative Transportation Rate.

Strategies that help cut pollution by leveraging more sustainable land development include the use of self-propelled conveyances e. Projects must meet Option 1 requirements and implement an alternative transportation program that includes at least one element from the following categories: Lefd options within this credit provide two very separate approaches to meeting the same credit intent: To conserve existing natural areas, restore damaged areas, and provide habitat and promote biodiversity.

LEED Operations and Maintenance credits, prerequisites and points

During the Establishment Period, native or adapted vegetation must cover 20 percent of the total site area including the building footprintat a minimum of 5, square feet, to provide habitat and promote biodiversity. Financial support must be provided to a recognized land trust or conservation organization within the same state or EPA Level III Ecoregion or within miles for projects outside the United States.

Existing buildings pursuing LEED certification can provide annual financial support specifically to the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation or the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation — two organizations working to conserve existing natural areas and promote biodiversity — if efforts cannot be implemented on site. While a more challenging credit, many projects opt to pursue Thermal Comfort because of its direct correlation to occupant satisfaction.


The two options here represent flexibility for projects outside of the U.

A Facility Manager’s Guide to LEED-EB O&M Rating System – Facilities Management Insights

During the Establishment Period, the project must have a permanent monitoring system to ensure ongoing building performance to the desired comfort criteria, as specified by ASHRAE Standard 55— During the Establishment Period, the project must have a permanent monitoring system to ensure ongoing building performance of the glossaey comfort criteria, as specified by ISO During the Performance Period, the system must:. To achieve this ACP pilot credit, projects must have in place an automated and learning heating and cooling system that allows for occupant control.

Projects must also have glowsary place automated and learning heating and cooling controls that provide usage feedback.

Feedback must include contextual comparisons in text and visual displays. They clarify, correct, interpret or provide alternative language to the current rating system guidance.

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