The Life of the Cosmos has ratings and 42 reviews. David said: Lee Smolin presents an interesting hypothesis that attempts to explain why the fundame. CHAPTER ONE. The Life of the Cosmos. By LEE SMOLIN Oxford University Press. Read the Review. LIGHT and LIFE. Science is, above everything else. The life of the cosmos / by Lee Smolin. p. cm. Includes bibliographical references and index. ISBN X. ISBN (Pbk.) 1. Cosmology.

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But before we approach this question, there is another kind of relationship that I must comment on; that between author and reader. The triumph of atomism is by now so complete that any challenge to it seems at first to point outside of the boundaries of science.

The Life of the Cosmos – Wikipedia

Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. This book expounds on this thought experiment in an highly cosmps manner. Cosmls the csmos could be different: Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. This page was last modified on 28 Novemberat The meaning of the chapters is conveyed in paragraphs, which are composed of sentences. An example of such a great system is the “Great Wall,” which is a sheet of clusters of galaxies spread over a large part of our sky, at a distance of about thirty million light years from us.

I don’t feel like I learned anything from this. Anyone who sets out to teach ideas from physics to those who are not specialists, whether as a teacher in a lecture room or through a book such as this one, faces a curiously paradoxical situation. Wheeler proposed that the basic laws and constants of the universe might fluctuate randomly to new values at each successive bounce new universe birth in an oscillating universe, and thus provide a natural mechanism for anthropic selectionhow we come to find ourselves in a universe that cosmls fit for life.

In this process, we see that individual and collective intelligence memes, knowledge, self-awareness increasingly influences and constrains the original and persistent “random” replicators genes, DNA. But their properties are determined by laws, which endow each particle, when created, with certain properties, completely independent of whatever else may exist in the universe.


All of the living things on earth are made out of carbon compounds that are built with copious amounts of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen, as well as traces of many other atoms.

The Life of the Cosmos by Lee Smolin

If the contents then join a sufficiently dense gas cloud, then a collapse of material forms a star with planets. What he has in mind is the problem that modern particle theory, including string theory which was the last word when this was written seventeen years agohave many smlin parameters such as the values of the forces and masses of the particles which are not constrained by the theories, or could be different and still give rise to consistent interpretations, and which in fact have improbable values.

Jan 10, Jonathan rated it really liked it. Cosmological natural selection CNSalso known as fecund universesis a prominent theory of universe evolution, development and reproduction originally proposed by eminent theoretical physicist and quantum gravity scholar Lee Smolin in One might then conclude that the mammal is a miracle.

We, humans, are more likely to find ler in a universe that is able to spawn countless copies of itself. I must confess that it is still not completely easy, even after the years I have spent thinking about it, to write these last sentences.

cozmos Brane cyclic models presently offer no satisfactory description of the bounce via string theory. We have this science, it is the foundation of everything we understand from immunology to transistors to nuclear physics.

Modern elementary particle physics does allow the elementary particles to be created and destroyed. The earliest antecedent to CNS may have been the oscillating universe model of Alexander Friedman For they are the thhe sites for transformations of energy and matter in the universe.

God Smolin uses the word “god” 74 times in this book. Click here to order. While this does not seem to have actually done much to decrease the popularity of religion, it is true that at the present time, for many of the cultures of the planet, we physicists are the official makers and keepers of the story of the cosmos.


To llfe the meaning of this change, we must first understand why it is that we would not expect to find anything like life in a universe governed by Newton’s laws. This is a really great read. Behind it one can sense the ancient desire to escape nature and partake of heaven.

The Life of the Cosmos

In the most functionally and morphologically complex species on Earth, we may observe that life’s intelligence mechanisms have progressed from “random” recombination of prebiotic or prokaryotic genetic elements, to a much more culturally-guided replication in higher eukaryotes. New Left Books, Smolin is good at acknowledging criticism of the theory and does his best to defend it. I was particularly interested to learn that Cellular Automata have been used to model galactic star formation.

But we can question the idea that if we knew only those laws, and nothing else about the history or organization of the universe, we could deduce the properties of a quark or electron. The search for answers to these questions may then lead us to reconsider our familiar understandings about the relationships between the fundamental and the emergent and between physics and biology.

But there is another, deeper question we must ask. Dec 29, Shane rated it really liked it Shelves: This daughter universe would have fundamental constants and parameters similar to that of the parent universe though with some changes, providing for both inheritance and mutations as required by natural selection.

Sophisticated creatures exist because of evolution. FYI the other is “The Selfish Gene” First of all, Smolin has some crazy-sounding things to say, but he uses tight, scientific arguments, and he’s the real deal, a professor at a Canadian University with a team of researchers working under him. The weak form assumes that there are many universes, a few of which have physical laws that allow life while the rest do not.