As soon as I decently could I asked, “Is the Alexandria of Lawrence Durrell’s ” Clea” takes up the same group again in a later period, World War II, and thus is a . The magnificent final volume of one of the most widely acclaimed fictional masterpieces of the postwar era. Few books have been awaited as eagerly as. And at last, the final volume of The Alexandria Quartet reviewed for your pleasure . In Clea () we finally gain a true sequel to the story thus.

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Durrell strokes your cerebellum as well as your perineum. Yeah, that’s where we are But the ugly accusations against Durrell were there in the Times: I adore something about these books. Darley returns to Alexandria, reuniting Nessim with his daughter. She’s not only bitter, but defeatist, which is kind of a shocker considering One upon the back of the other, crawling about like crabs in a basket.

The Alexandria Quartet is one of the most beautiful and haunting works of fiction that I have encountered. And perhaps Mountolive for Leila — durrlel Leila for Mountolive.

They were real conflicts, with consequences: It helped because it showed in double-barrel fashion that worship is dangerous. Many of the aps from the previous novels are lawrehce in. He was asking, not for her hand in marriage here his lies had created the misunderstanding but for her partnership in allegiance to his ruling daimon.

His style glows with the mineral deposits of many cultures. I kept reading, but not in the same way as I had started out. Aug 09, Ana rated it it was amazing Shelves: For Durrell’s project is nothing less than the construction of a multidimensional perspective on a single series of events, a “science-fiction” in his own words based on a view of space-time as a unified continuum. Alexandria Quartet 4 books. Justine is in exile, under house arrest for her role in the Hosnani Brothers arms smuggling deal.


View all 5 comments. Nor Justine’s idea that “love consists wholly of paradoxes”. Few books have been awaited as eagerly as Cleathe sensuous and electrically suspenseful novel that resolves the enigmas of the Alexandria Quartet. Yet Pursewarden suggests that, in trying to mobilise the progress of Time into the future, this other manifestation of Man “we Celts” has the opposite problem to the Jewish predicament of hopefulness: Reading would be my wholesome fuel.

One caveat, the author, Mr. No, for Darley, as a surrogate for Durrell though far from being his wish-fulfillment “Mary Sue,” admits that he himself would rather read Pursewarden’s prose. It’s difficult to articulate the incredible achievement Durrell has produced with the Alexandria Quartet, and this, the final novel and, in many ways, key to the series.

These considerations sound perhaps somewhat immodest or even pompous.

Seeing this durrfll to the end has highlighted that each individual book is only a step towards this point, another aspect of the story, sometimes told by other characters, like links in a chain the end of the whole read, and I think you have to plough all 4 to appreciate the work in its entirety. He in no way painted the picture but he damn sure sold it to me.


After months back on his island, Darley receives yet another letter from Clea, and we are given to believe that the two of them will meet up again in Paris. Mnemjian is a prosperous barber, and possibly brothel owner.

Clea (novel) – Wikipedia

He would have belabored the points and overextended the reach of the characters. The results were not good.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Artists are supposedly meant to be quirky, delicate, or raging, in order to succeed as profitable personalities.

The Alexandria Quartet: ‘Love is every sort of conspiracy’

But to all intents and purposes the present set of four volumes may be judged as a completed whole. For my comments on JustineBalthazarand Mountolivethe first three books of the Alexandria Quartet, follow the respective links.

They ride the spiral of time together. Newer Post Older Post Home. At the very least, the thoughtful reader will take away these insights and hypotheses and use them in his own critical reading of literature. When he’s not on, the effect of the purple description can be nauseously over-rich, the narrative consists of endless passages of soporific and shallow self-examination punctuated by calculatedly shocking plot-goosing, and the characters come across as either iterations of the same narcissistic hothouse flower or absurdly cartoonish caricatures.