Find help & information on Lavandula multifida Egyptian lavender from the RHS. Lavandula multifida is native to the northwestern region of the Mediterranean Sea, where temperatures are mild and growing conditions arid. It is technically a . Lavandula multifida. Lavandula multifida. Common Name: Fernleaf Lavender. Growth Rate: Fast. Exposure: Full sun. Water Needs.

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Add organic matter such as manure, peat moss or garden compost until the soil is loose and easy to work. Vigorous, sprawling plant with finely divided, silvery green foliage. Moist foliage lavanrula disease and mold that can weaken or damage plants. Rotate the container and continue to tap, loosening the soil until the plant pulls smoothly from the pot.

Garden Uses This is a versatile garden perennial that should be considered for a wide variety of uses and not just relegated to a corner of the herb multififa. It is native to the warm climates of the northwestern Mediterranean plus the Canary Islands. To buy images please take not of the image code lavanndula for every image found beneath each individual photo since this is required when filling the online ordering form.

Species name :

The flowers may be used in cooking. Hand watering using a watering wand with a sprinkler head attached is also a good way to control watering. The soil covering the planting hole should be even with the surrounding soil, or up to one inch higher than the top of the root ball. Availability depends on season.


Wild Plants of Malta & Gozo – Plant: Lavandula multifida (Fern-leaved Lavender)

Wiry flower stems give rise to deep violet-blue flowers spikes. Plant Search Advanced Search Search. Does best in light, well-drained soil. Locations in Malta or Gozo where you have seen this plant. Perennials should be dug up and divided every years. Prices reasonable and multifiad differently according size and resolution.

Your email address is only for internal communication. Blooms all year long in mild winter climates.

Tall spikes of blue-violet flowers are produced in summer. Search by size, origins, color, cultural needs, etc. Susceptible to leaf spot and root rot. Fertilizers are available in kavandula forms: Soil Light, well-drained soil.

Grasping the plant at the top of the root ball, use your finger to lightly rake the roots apart. Foliage can be pruned freely through the season to remove damaged or mu,tifida leaves, or to maintain plant size.

Watering Allow soil to dry between thorough waterings. Good selection for edging along walks or paths. Features Vigorous, sprawling plant with finely divided, silvery green foliage.

Kindly consider support this website by giving a small donation. After researching this issue and discussion with other Lavender growers it became clear that this plant is a hybrid and so we began calling this plant ‘Multifida’. This species differs from most other species of lavender by having much better tolerance for summer heat and humidity and by preferring moister soils with some organic enrichment.

Culture Winter hardy to USDA Zones where it is typically grown in average, alkaline, dry to medium, well-drained soils in full sun. All the lavenders appreciate full sun, good drainage and mild temperatures. Buy Seeds and Docs.


This plant is not currently for sale. Missouri Botanical Garden Shaw Blvd. Push the soil gently around the roots filling in empty space around the root ball. This description is based on our research and observations made of this plant as it grows in our nursery, in the nursery garden and in other gardens that we have visited. It is best to grow this lavender in sheltered locations with a good winter mulch in Zone 8.

Remove faded flowers to promote continued bloom and maintain plant appearance. Low Water Needs Winter Hardiness: Seeds of wild plants for sale for studies, trials, research, or personal use. Deeply-lobed, multifia, silver-green leaves to 1.

Fertilizing Instructions Incorporate fertilizer into the soil when preparing beds for new plants. No Main Synonyms Full list of synonyms: Wonderful for providing contrast in mixed borders and containers. GPS co-ordinates are also welcomed! Set the plant in the hole. Only applies for rare plants. To dry flowers, cut before multiida open and hang upside down in a cool, airy place. Full sun to part shade. They are relatively drought resistant and only require minimal watering to look their best.

Different plants have different water needs.