Homeopathy. Jan;93(1) The toxicology of Latrodectus tredecimguttatus: the Mediterranean Black Widow spider. Bonnet MS(1). Author information. Genus: Latrodectus. Species: tredecimguttatus. Common Names Ragno Velenoso, Pelangium, Tarantula, Malmignatto, Malmignatte, Ragno Venefico. Latrodectus tredecimguttatus (Rossi, ). WSC LSID This species can bite humans, as also all other Latrodectus species in the world. Often, a bite causes.

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Descriptions of several European and North African spiders. Description Male Colouration as in female, but opisthosomal blotches whitish. Theridiidae en la Argentina. Retrieved from ” https: Treatment Summary Widow spider bites are mostly minor and even significant envenoming is unlikely to be lethal, so after a 6 hr observation, asymptomatic patients can be discharged.

This is version 93 of the entry and version 1 of the sequence. A list of venomous spiders of the world. Further, we cannot control how users will interpret the tredfcimguttatus provided on this site.

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In Europe, bites have become very rare in the last decades. November 1, Last modified: Latrodectus tredecimguttatus Le Peru, Les arachnides de France. Nuovi dati su varie famiglie Araneae. Extracellular region or secreted extracellular region Source: Reviewed – Annotation score: Latrodectus tredecimguttatus Levy, b: Sitzungsberichte der Gesellschaft Naturforschender Freunde zu Berlin Forms cation-permeable pores with high permeability to calcium in lipid membranes locust muscle membrane and artificial lipid bilayers.


Updates Distribution update Old value Datasheet update Old value Image insert Image insert Image insert.

Levy G c Araneae: Latrodectus argus Audouin, All responsibility for such data is with the external database. Natural History Museum Bern. Fauna Europaea Database Version Notizie sui Theridiidae del Lazio Araneae.

Loxosceles and Latrodectus in Iran, with a new record for the country. Animal Toxin Annotation Program. Some will be terrified, fearing sudden death and, in this mood, they may behave irrationally or even hysterically.

Treeecimguttatus information In dry habitats, dunes, sandy beaches, shingle beaches and on low vegetation.

Latrodectus tredecimguttatus – Wikipedia

Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities, Jerusalem, pp. ProtoNet; Automatic hierarchical classification of proteins More Systems used to automatically annotate proteins with high accuracy:.

Equally, we cannot list knowledge which is not yet reported or known. Latrodectus mactans tredecimguttatus Fuhn, Local Necrosis Does not occur, based on current clinical evidence.

[Black widow spider (Latrodectus tredecimguttatus) bite. Presentation of 12 cases].

Q Primary citable accession number: Pfam protein domain database More Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Iranian Journal of Animal Lattrodectus 10 1: Latrodectus martius Walckenaer, In particular, both airway and respiration may be impaired, requiring urgent and prolonged treatment, which may include the mouth to mask mouth to mouth latrodecrus of expired air transfer.


Latrodectus lugubris Motschulsky, Genera crustaceorum et insectorum. Revision of the widow-spider genus Latrodectus Araneae: Seek urgent medical attention.

araneae – Latrodectus tredecimguttatus

Latrodectus tredecimguttatus Zamani et al. Other Occasionally cause headache, arthralgias, tremors, psychosis, severe trismus, dysuria, dyspnoea. Do not show this banner again.

Most traditional, and many of the more recently fashionable, first aid measures are useless and potentially dangerous. Latrodectus tredecimguttatus Dahl, a: The Mediterranean widow primarily lives in steppes and other grasslands, and can be a significant problem in areas where grain is harvested by hand. Vulva, ventral view Brignoli b.

Theridion lugubre Dufour, a: NeurotoxinPresynaptic neurotoxinToxin. Opisthosoma black, dorsally with 3 longitudinal series of red blotches, sometimes these blotches are absent and the opisthosoma is entirely black, ventrally with a red blotch behind epigastric furrow, opisthosoma covered with both long hairs and short bifid hairs.