All Things Technical. Download Landice technical manuals below. Treadmill Technical Manuals. L7/L8/L9 Treadmill 90 Series Service Manual MB. Home and Commercial Treadmill. Diagnostic and Service Manual. Dt. Addendum. Version C For Technical Service Call 1-()-LANDICE. Press the MANUAL button at any time and the treadmill is at your command to .. Landice will send you a complimentary Landice T-shirt upon receipt of your.

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Do not use attachments not recommended by Landice. See the following Grounding Instructions.

Landice Technical Manuals | Treadmills, Ellipticals & Bikes | Landice

Grounding Instructions This product must be grounded. If it should malfunction or break down, grounding provides a path of least resistance for electric current to reduce l77 risk of electric shock. Quick start instructions for each control panel are included.

For detailed instructions, read the chapter specific to your control panel: Ladice Sports Treadmill Console See page 47 for complete instructions. Executive Treadmill Console See mnual 73 for complete instructions. A quick start guide for using the treadmill console controls is provided in the following table.

Except where noted, the controls are the same for all 4 consoles. Quick Start Guide To start the treadmill: All displays light and the treadbelt begins to move at 0. On the Pro Trainer these keys are used to enter values. To use the Touchscreen Executive treadmills only: From a Motivational Screen, swipe left or right to view a different Motivational Screen.

Contents Important Safety Instructions Using the Cardio Treadmill Using the Built-in Programs Running a Built-In Program Balke Fitness Test Cardio and Executive Introduction Your Landice treadmill is a high-quality fitness tool that will provide many years of fitness benefits.

Unpleasant weather is no longer an obstacle to getting your exercise. Cold, windy, wet days will never discourage you again, nor will heat and humidity. Reading Rack Holds reading material or tablet. Accessory Tray Provides accessory storage. Pulse Grips 2 Detects pulse when hands are placed on the grips, allowing treadmill to calculate and display heart rate.

Heart Rate Monitoring This manaul provides basic concepts of heart rate monitoring so you can better understand how to use it to reach the fitness level you desire. What is exercise intensity? Exercise intensity is simply a measure of how hard you are working at a given time during exercise.

Introduction If John is 35 years old, what is his estimated maximum heart rate? Your THRZ represents the minimum and maximum number of l your heart should beat in one minute of exercise. A heart rate monitor provides a reminder of the intensity and quality of each workout session. Landice heart rate monitors are used to monitor your level of exercise intensity during workouts. Pulse meters have a high margin for error.


A natural running motion involves using your arms to maintain balance. Because the Manyal Heart Rate Monitoring System requires your arms to remain stationary, we recommend using the pulse grips at speeds of less than approximately 4 mph 6.

Treadmill Program Capabilities The treadmills have the following program capabilities: The User- Defined Heart Rate programs are designed to allow you to set the target heart rate for up to 20 program segments. For L7 pandice begin with step 1. For L8 treadmills begin Note: Remove the two top center bolts Figure With treadmill still upright, brace something sturdy, such as a tool box, between the two bottom bolts.

Lower the shipping box onto the brace, leaving access to the lower bolts. Using a razor blade knife, cut the box just above the bottom row of brass staples along all sides of the box Figure Remove the box and discard it. The components are held together with plastic strapping. Carefully cut and remove manuaal strapping. Assembly Failure to leave ample clearance at the rear of the WARNING treadmill could result in the user becoming trapped between the treadmill and the wall should the user accidentally trip and fall while exercising.

Lift the treadmill base off the pallet and position the base where the treadmill is to be located: Using the 4mm hex wrench, remove three M5X15 screws from each plastic inner handrail cover and remove lanice covers. Remove the six M8X15 screws on each side using 6mm hex wrench.

Slide the handrails over the side brackets and secure them in place with six M8x15 socket head cap screws on each side.

Attach bridge with two button head cap screws Figure using 5mm hex wrench. Start both screws maual tightening. Engage the tray tabs manua, the notches of the kandice control panel assembly Figure Accessory Tray Tabs 9.

Remove Display Console from box. There are three cables coming from the bottom of the Console: Club models do not have the wireless pulse cable. Connect the ribbon cable and the optional pulse cable, if present, from the Lower Control Panel to the corresponding cables from the Display Console Figure Remove power cord from motor pan and plug into receptacle at front of treadmill.

Remove four M6X75 screws from bag stapled to the console box. Using 5mm hex wrench, secure Display Console manhal to upright with four M6X75 button head cap screws Figure Confirm all four treadmill feet are touching the ground. If necessary, loosen the 19mm and 14mm nuts using open end or adjustable wrench, until foot touches the floor. Loosen the 19mm nut by turning k7 clockwise and rest it against the 14mm nut.


Turn the 14mm nut clockwise to raise the foot. Stop adjusting the foot l77 the bubble is centered on the level. Remove the four cross-head X1 screws from the frame Figure Tilt the motor cover between the uprights and place over motor pan.

Install the motor cover using cross- head screws above. Start treadmill and walk at 2. As you walk, test the treadmill by adjusting speed and adjusting incline.

Pro Trainer Treadmill Operation 3. Powers up the treadmill. Use arrow to scroll through the program. Using the Pro Trainer Treadmill: Manual Mode Manual mode is a user-defined workout program without any program parameters.

This program features two elevation peaks along landiec gradual changes in speed. The overall goal is to raise heart rate, maintain the raised heart rate for most of the workout, then gradually bring heart rate down during the last 2 cool down segments. Pro Trainer Treadmill Operation 4. The treadmill enters Manual Mode.

Select the program you want to run. Then you will be prompted to enter the following program parameters: Use the arrow to select program time from 5 – 99 minutes.

Pro Sports Treadmill Operation 4.

Landice L7 Service Manual

Use arrow to scroll through the built-in and user-defined program previews and select the desired program ENTER by pressing Display Features The screens at right are the options available for displaying workout information. Table describes the information provided. Using the Pro Sports Treadmill 1. Plug the treadmill power cord into its outlet. Straddle the treadbelt with one foot on each traction strip. Running a Built-In Program 1. Pro Sports User Programs Landice Pro Sports treadmills can store up to 5 individual, modifiable user-defined program profiles.

A user-defined program looks and runs exactly like a built-in program, but it can be customized to suit the user. Unlike the built-in programs, user-defined programs allow editing of individual segments as well as the number of segments.

To change segments, press either arrow. You can change segments in either the forward of reverse direction. Pro Sports Treadmill Operation 1.