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La nube purpurea | battute

To displace the mechanics of the mundane is to dilute the impact of the bizarre. What I learned from this book is that if you see a big purple cloud coming toward you and it smells like peach blossoms, either get yourself to the North Pole or have yourself sealed inside a wine cellar as a punishment, because that cloud is bad news.

As you might expect, he does find another survivor, a young woman set free by an earthquake from a sealed royal basement — conveniently stocked with food and drink — without language or knowledge of the external world. It doesn’t help that Adam Jeffson is a thoroughly unlikeable man. As an historical amusement certainly one has to give Shiel credit for producing, at times, a hypnotic and uneasy novel about the last man on earth, yet one can’t help but be dismayed that his writing indulges and tends to meander to the point of exhaustion.

Read for Post-Apocalyptic Book Club. Shiel’s book is John Sutherland’s intro placing it in the stream of other last-man novels, his tracing of Shiel’s strange life and career, and his extensive chronology and notes explaining the massive bloat-load of obscure terminology and minute description that clogs the story.

This version was first published in London by Victor Gollancz Ltd.

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It was first published in bube reads to me like a direct link between The Last Man also After London: To ask other readers questions about The Purple Cloudplease sign up.

Mary Shelley’s novel “The Last Man” barely registers any chill as she really uses that novel as a biographical exercise and only in the last section does it bring forth its tale of end times. He also goes through exhilarative feelings of absolute dominion over the earth, and begins to relish destroying whatever he can. He torches the cities he passes through in an orgy of destruction that he watches from a suitably scenic height.


For some inexplicable reason, the North Pole, which bears no resemblance whatsoever to the Garden of Eden in the Bible, has become associated with that place and the idea behind The Purple Cloud is that if anyone every reaches the Pole and enters the forbidden territory once again, then all of mankind will be wiped out. The novel is unfortunately abundantly filled with more than useless information as if Shiel were some cataloger of culture, engines, equipment and clothes and purpureaa is this tendency that truly drags the work down.

I think it’s all well and good to des Shiel has a marvelous vocabulary – his sentences nune beautiful, but the plot of this story bogs down midway.

Jeffson reaches the Pole, the only survivor, only to return to discover that a poisonous cloud has killed everyone and nearly everything on Earth. Shiel bebe de fuentes como E. This story is a pururea Stories from this time period love having some sort of introductory framing device.

Reynolds Morse’s monumental series, The Works of M. When the sole survivor makes his lone way back from the Pole, it is only to discover that while he was alone in the arctic regions, some terrible disaster has struck.

The Purple Cloud (Frontiers of Imagination)

But that’s not all, folks. Preview — The Purple Cloud by M. With l admirable frankness, Shiel proves that man has always been the same and that was already in search of the refinements of today’s means of communication.

Seriously, this is a classic “last man on earth” SF tale. The strain of aloneness brings on near paranoia — that fate has chosen him as the mechanism for disaster — and a distortion of reality that bleeds over into a willingness to kill any living thing he might find. His other labor is the building of a “palace” on the Greek isle of Imbros, which consumes 17 years. A deadly purple vapor passes over the world “If now a swell from the Deep has swept over this planetary ship of earth, and I, who alone chanced to find myself in the furthest stern, as the sole survivor of her crew.

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It’s better than usual because the main character actually reacts like someone would when no other human exists.

The Purple Cloud by M.P. Shiel

Among other things, Sutherland’s notes focus on the differences between this and other versions. While his reactions to the cataclysm seem deeply strange, they do highlight that there is no reasonable response to such extraordinary circumstances.

Worthwhile checking out if you want something different than the usual cozy apocalypse. She is innocent, beautiful and childlike and thoroughly, thoroughly awful as a character. The endless pages of Jeffson meeting up with boat after boat full of dead men and then going from city to city to city to city The premonition proves accurate: I admit to some serious skimming at the end.

Overall, this is a decent read for the first half, a hurry-it-up at the moralizing end, and a true author-slapping slog in a few places. His going about the towns looking for survivors or naming all the type of ships he comes across on the ocean, is stifling almost robotic. A very strange book combining an accomplished fin-de-siecle prose style with the cosmic horror of Poe, it possesses an apocalyptic savagery and fierce isolation all its own.