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Notify me of new comments via email. But one afternoon, while they took their siesta, quigoga alligator woke all of a sudden and raised its head believing it had heard a noise.

It is impossible to describe the terrible noise the torpedo made when it exploded. No steamer would be able to pass through there and ce, always, there would be fish. Email required Address never made public.

The alligators gave a triumphant cry and ran like creatures possessed to the dyke.

In a very large river, in a deserted country where man had never set foot, lived many alligators. And the boat lso to the steamer, while the alligators, delirious with happiness, vigorously beat the water with their tails. Scarcely an hour had elapsed since they had positioned the last trunk of the dyke when the warship appeared again, and the boat with the officer and eight ce drew near.

This site uses cookies. This entry was posted in ReviewsTranslated work, Spanish to English. I am a personal carer, writer and traveller, among other things, originally from just outside Melbourne in Australia. They were sure that no one would come to frighten the fish.


La Guerra de Los Yacares

I have lived and worked with homeless people, disabled people and refugees. Then they arranged the journey.

But they became frightened again at once because the grey smoke changed of a sudden into black smoke and all felt very strongly now the beating of the water.

What new steamer was that? It was another, a vessel the colour of a mouse, much bigger than the other.

The alligators attached themselves one to the other, from the tail of one to the neck of the other, from the tail of that one to the neck of hacares next in line, thus forming a long chain of alligators more than a block long. A warship passes along our river and frightens the fish.

It exploded right in the middle of the dyke and ten or twelve trunks broke into a fe pieces. Hearing this, the small alligators began crying out with fear, plunging their heads. The alligators then climbed the trunks and put their heads out the other side. The second alligator heard the noise in his turn and moments later the others awoke. Scared, the alligators submerged themselves in the river, leaving only their eyes and the tips of their snouts visible.

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Not that, not another, not any other! There was a fearsome explosion and a huge cannon ball fell right in the middle of the dyke. And as they were all hungry, they went looking for fish.

La Guerra de Los Yacares : Horacio Quiroga :

Did that one too want to pass? Then, the wise alligator stepped forward just a little and said: No, it would not, no. But the alligators laughed, because they believed the old one had gone crazy.

The wise alligator then said: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here They climbed the two trunks that remained either side of the opening and when the men passed through there they made fun of them, covering their mouths with their legs.

All of them heard it, but none rose or opened their eyes even. Now, that vessel the colour of a mouse was a warship, a battleship with terrible cannons. They took their siesta in the sand at the riverbank and at times played about in the water on nights when there was a moon. What importance was the boat to them?