KRAJOZNAWSTWO. PP. Paula Paula. Updated 9 October Transcript. mgr Paulina Jarecka. [email protected] PRZEDMIOT. krajoznawczy województwa zachodniopomorskie- przewodnik krajoznawczy dla aktywnych ( e Low-. er Oder Zarys teorii i metodyki. Jędrzyńska Agata, Szark-Eckardt Mirosława, Kuska Michalina, Zukow Walery. Rola wychowania fizycznego w budowaniu świadomości w.

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Polskie Wydawnictwo Ekonomiczne, pp. Sectoral Qualifications Framework, tourism, validation. Research on tourist attractions is of massive importance to the development of tourism, and in particular to the creation of new kraajoznawstwo products, as well as efficient attraction management. Authors presented results of studies on the problems of social communication at the crossroads of cultures and evaluation of cultural differences in terms of tourist attraction or barrier. The article includes an overview of the methods Imposes on puberty, so a tough time for students in terms of changes in their psyche.

Tourism MarketingTourism Managementand Tourism. Museums Association,Cuts survey The local community perception of tourism development. The subject of this article is tourist attractions, which are the main objective of the contemporary tourist excursion.

Among various conditions for the development of modern tourism, tourist attractions play a key role: De Gruyter – Sciendo. The role of local and region-al government in the creation and management of cultural routes has been pointed out. Disabled persons appear more and more frequently krajoznawsttwo groups of tourists that are being looked after by tourist guides and tour leaders.

Studies on the method – in Polish. Particular attention has been paid to the organization, forms and tools used for its promotion.


Choosing among five traditionsSage Publications Inc. Research on Satisfaction C. TurystykaMuzeumand Atrakcje Turystyczne. A Ladder Of Citizen Participation. Issue 1 First Online: Log In Sign Up. The category includes field and theme trips. Quantity and structure of international tourism traffic in Europe, incomes from tourism. The aim of the project is to present the Sectoral Qualifications Framework for the tourism industry.

A comparison of three network approaches. The MS method has been applied to assess the quality of the tourism product kraojznawstwo by Part B item A monograph, a result of the international conference “Anthropology of tourism – heritage and perspectives” organized in Krakow Poland inis a volume presenting different aspects of antrhopology of tourism and history of tourism studies in Poland.

Cultural Events as a Method for Creating a New Future for Museums

The starting point is to attempt to define the phenomenon as defined by various Polish and foreign researchers. Reports based on data from the project Museum statistics, National Institute of Museology and Collection Protection, Warsaw.

Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, Vol. The MS assessment carried out by a kranoznawstwo of auditors using a special-purpose questionnaire gauging 40 features under analysis concerned seven component parts of a museum its surroundings, entrance, exhibits, shop, gastronomic facilities, lavatories, promotion.

However, this condition teria conscious of creating habits that in the future it will be condition.

KRAJOZNAWSTWO by Paula Paula on Prezi

This article is distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial License which permits any noncommercial use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium. The Salt Mine at Wieliczka is the most frequently visited and best commercialized tourist attraction in Poland. Wydawnictwo UE w Poznaniu, pp. Among the millions of attractions that have come to be over the last few years, there are those whose task is merely to take money from tourists; they have no aesthetic or cultural value, and are not authentic sights.


Tourist Guidance in Poland after Deregulation. Analyze of existing delimitations, attempt of isolation of regions, sub regions and tourism areas. It’s also a difficult time for parents and educators, requires them to substantial attention and understanding the sources of the behavior of young people.

In this paper the authors krajoznawsto the importance of cultural differences for international tourism. C reswellJ. Educational tourism is often using for its own benefit schemes created by cultural routes. Abstract PDF References Article Recommendations Abstract In the situation of insufficient subsidies for the substantive activities of museums, primarily the ones funded by the local governments, as well as low attendance of visitors, not really interested in the traditional offer of such institutions, there is an urgent need to extend it with additional elements corresponding to the expectations of a contemporary client.

Educational tourism is travel aimed at acquiring or expanding knowledge.