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First is the preparation of the material devices such as the pendulum, planchette, or pen and paper; and, the preparation of the hand through exteriorization. The third preparatory exercise involves the “exteriorization” of the hand. Our individual consciousness is what ties us directly to the infinite consciousness of Being. O Aka kash sha; a; 6. Introduction — On a few occasions, I have had been asked to write some sort of student’s guide to Franz Bardon’s “Initiation Into Hermetics”.

Archimedes’ point and Bardon’s point are actually a fifth dimension, namely “meaning”. Franz Bardon – Iniziazione All’ Ermetismo.

badron Ele estaria, neste caso, sempre em perigo de ter imensas dificuldades em sair do alcance e poder deste Rei dos Gnomos. Eles Eles somen somente te conh conhec ecia iam m a verdad verdade e mas manti mantinh nhamam-la la secr secret eta.

Fausto, mas todo magista pode explicar o que ocorreu neste caso.

We each have access to the guidance of our Guardian Angel in each moment of our lives, through the little interior voice of our conscience.


I will not offer my practical advice for these later Steps other than in personal correspondence or conversation with practicing students of those particular Steps. Musar — cor da assinatura: O corpo astral de um elemental se dispersa em seu elemento, o corpo astral humano se dissolve em quatro elementos.

This is because it is your astra-mental hand that conveys your will to the muscles of your physical hand. Por este motivo o mago deve ser muito cuidadoso com este ser. Desse modo ele condena a si mesmo.

Com respeito ao ponto 4: The will to move a muscle comes from within your mind, but the energy required, comes from your body’s own storehouse of physical energy. And it is the reader who doesn’t quite grasp the author’s meaning that is responsible for trying to figure it out.

A literatura da Magia tem muitos livros lidando com diferentes seres, seus selos, etc. The problem is that in order to perceive the infinity of the physical realm in particular, you must be able to change your perspective to that of a higher realm.

Thus it is related to the previous Step’s work of the transference of consciousness.

Franz Bardon – 2 – A Prática da Evocação Mágica – PDF Free Download

Even at that, hundreds more pages could be written. Much has been said in the occult literature about the nature of this being, so I will not repeat it here. Isto pode servir como um guia.

A good supplement to learning the passive communication technique is to practice a simple direct communication. A ondina encarnada pode inclusive ter filhos. All they will do is make you a swimmer in the infinite stream of time. A autoridade do mago, em tal caso, seria certamente duvidosa. For example, if you exteriorize your astra-mental hand and then lay it in your lap, you must be able to clearly feel the fabric of your clothing, the warmth of your own body, and the pressure of your hand resting on your lap.


In the first exercise, it was the will power, focused through the vital energy which caused movement via the muscles, but in this exercise, it is the character of the Air Element itself its weightlessness which causes the movement.

For the reader, it is important that you keep in mind what I have just said. Emuel cor da assinatura: I have tried to find a balance between giving this fact its due respect and trying my best to steer away from giving encouragement to those who wish to leap farther than they are truly prepared to step.

Franz Bardon – 2 – A Prática da Evocação Mágica

Nahum — cor da assinatura: The second hermeitsmo involves the accumulation of the Air Element and the effecting of movement by virtue of its weightlessness. Bardon states that a physical hand thus emptied of its astra-mental counterpart, is transferred to the Akasha.

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