Igbo Olodumare is a lush and pristine rain forest tucked away in southwest Nigeria. Its name translates to ‘The Forest of the Almighty’. Igbo Olodumare: D.O. Fagunwa: His second novel, Igbo Olodumare (“The Forest of God”), was published in He also wrote Ireke Onibudo (; “The. Ogboju ode ninu igbo Olodumare (translated from Yoruba) as is a mystery novel written by Daniel O. Fagunwa. Considered the first novel written in the Yoruba.

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While one olodkmare hear the whispering rustle of tree leavesthe birds sing. Upon exploration, the terrain is hilly and hiking is often challenging due to its steep and slippery slopes.

According to him, chalets should be constructed to house tourists who would not mind to acclimatize with the serene atmosphere and the people.

Travellers’ Photos at Igbo Olodumare. Please share your Experience. Were Baba Fagunwa alive he would not be happy seeing the site he spent his life to promote in this state. I heard there are various requirements for entering the forest. Things to do while at Igbo Olodumare.

Enjoy the ambience of nature. It is said that the silence is so palpable that even a whisper is fearfully loud. The literature teacher said he had long expected government to rehabilitate the road to make it more accessible to the public. Further suggestions might be found on the article’s talk page. The group, according to Olanrewaju, have been effective in repackaging the site to draw more attention.

Apparently uncomfortable with the news of the current state of Igbo Olodumare, a member of the D. Buy The Nigerian Time Machine. At op see this link Sha it may help http: Monday, 31 December at When this reporter went to the cathedral, he met the Vicar in charge who brought out the register burial in the Parish dated dateand on page 35, and the entry on the page was No bearing the name of D. Obedu festival has strengthened unity in my town —Oba…. Newer Post Older Post Home.


Please help me move this to the promise land. Kaduna, Nigeria Lugard’s footbridge.

Fagunwa Oldoumare literature s mystery novel stubs Nigeria stubs African novel stubs. Tuesday, June 7, My adventure to Igbo Olodumare. I need people’s help here. NASC alerts farmers to circulation of fake seeds. A representative of Ondo State Ministry of Culture and Tourism, who is known by tourists as the curator of Igbo Olodumare, Mr Okeaja Olanrewaju, corroborated the public complaints and added that lack of accommodation also discouraged tourists from olodujare places to stay long.

Igbo Olodumare | Afro Tourism

Visitors are expected to find seats at different spots where they relax their veins after energy sapping touring of the forest. If you have read olorumare or all the Yoruba classics written by the late D.

In Iwo, traditional rulers, others unite for peace, prosperity. Thank you so much your assistance will be highly needed. Ondo, Nigeria Adeyemi College of Education.

Such, according to him, usually offered the indigenes opportunity to engage in brisk businesses. Thanks Wow I am originally from Okeigbo!!! Considered the first novel written in the Yoruba language and one of the first to be written in any African language, it was first published in and is Daniel O.


O Fagunwa, who reportedly died during one of his expeditions. Leave A Reply Cancel Reply. These are the following things you can do while you’re here: Igho Tribune gathered that the site is currently confronted by unprecedentedly low patronage of leisure seeking public; so bad that no individual or group has oloeumare the place since the beginning ofthe Gregorian calendar which is fast approaching the end of its first quarter.

Good igo to the Good people of Nairaland.

Exploring the Wilds of Igbo-Olodumare

Olurimisi said Igbo Olodumare is one of the tourist centers in the state which would be made attractive to tourists across the globe but said the state government was taking a step at a igbi. Anlugbua festival, communal rebirth for growth. An Oke Igbo social group known as Okelangbodo Development Association ODA is said to have set aside a month every year when members mobilise traditional rulers and people of Oke Igbo and surrounding communities to celebrate Igbo Olodumare.

It is a cultural heritage site. This article about a Nigerian novel is a stub. With akara, Ondo community holds fertility festival.

The foundation, he said, draws no fund or grant from any source, hence its incapacitation in rehabilitating the forest. Olanrewaju clarified that the long snake does not have human head but gave credit to Fagunwa.

Igbo-Olodumare has a rugged terrain, densely dotted with beautiful granitic inselbergs soaring high and above the tree canopies. Retrieved from ” https: