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International African Bibliography

He is said to have been a very 27 Noted in I. An act datedcontaining the signature of thirty-one witnesses and the qadi Mul: The only information that he provides us with about the other side of the river, viz. Essai de folklore marocain Paris,p.

Cursed and threatened in return, he killed the saldier and the waman returned safe and sound to her home. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday; 6: It was also a monastery, a place for retreat and religious refiection. Patissiati quien, el 20 maye A. Several years after the death of Ibn c. This kingdom was composed of the Banu Ifran, a nomadic Zanata Berber tribe who had played an important part in the history of North Africa during the first three centuries of Islam.

Estado, leg 59 Carta de J. Ibn cali gives the date of A. Patissiatia Grimaldi, Cadiz Il junioj, A. My Mentor in deciphering Arabie manuscripts, MI. Iammama’s son, Tamirnf d. Comprising approximately one hundred camels, its merchants traded in gold, cinnabar, sequins, c10th and c1othes, sculptured wood, and other commodities. In a property rental agency The date seems tao early. Boube at Chellah dating from the fifth century B.


Various reasons for stationing these troops there have been given: It is based on the work of his sons and on the material presented by E.

Hespéris Vol. ()

The life of Ibn Ashir is an instructive example. And later still, pirates settled in the Three Republics of the Bou Regreg, twmuda organized attacks on the high seas and the coasts of Europe as a continuation of the holy war.

The line of demarcation, between what could and could not be compromised, defined the self-imposed moral arder of the city.

All that’s in the past! Facts, in Moroccan hagiographie literature, even when presented by contemporaries of the saints, tend ta idealize their lives. A longer lasting effect of the earthquake was that it increased the height of the sand bar of the hhesperis, thus making it impossible for ships, other than those of very light tonnage, ta enter the port.

En outre, quelques exemples peu. Julien, Histoire de l’afrique du Nord, l Paris,ff. However, their role as intermediaries in Morocco and for Morocco has a long 92 Cf. Hifi’s students was the Qadi MuQ. There are linguistic subtleties ta this problem: Then the saints changed into birds in his honoi.


Las otras embarcaciones que estaban ya en servicio, pero que se hallaban deterioradas 0 se adaptaban mal rwvue destino que les espe- 28 Carta de T. They have taken upon themselves the traits of science and [knowledge, And of skill at every matter.

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Volume 18 Issue 1 Janpp. Colloquium Oxford, ; I. Iasan al-muthana ben AI-J: A madrasa or medersa, as it is called in Morocco, is a hostel, a kind of boarding school were’students whe are not from the city may find lodging and food while pursuing their education in the nearby masques. Iassar family and you will find an old Christian sailor’s cap. He was a jewel [wasita] among them. Every passing year accentuated its self-enclosu.