Han Jian was appointed chief coach of the Badminton Academy of hold of his book “Basic Skills of BADMINTON’, which he co-authored with. Basic Skills of Badminton [Ooi Lay Beng Han Jian] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Prepared for the Royal Navy in association with the Badminton. Association of movements of all the basic skills e.g. serve, return of serve, overhead shot.

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Search titles only Posted by Member: Finding the right book on the Internet means you should take one thing into caution. Misbun Sidek with his different colour socks on each foot was also a comtemporary of Han Jian.

First of all you need to remember to be specific, are you looking for a general informational book on badminton, do you bsaic badminton drills, education on championships and tournament winners. That’s you could read it but not others. A poor grip will result in you using more arm and shoulder movements to execute your strokes instead of using your wrist. Do you know if the English version is available now? If you find anything useful here please consider registering to see more content and get involved with our great community users, it takes less than 15 seconds!

The grip should not be too tight or too loose. The thumb must rest between the last three fingers and your index finger When bxdminton tighten the grip, the main pressure should come from the last three fingers while the index finger maintains control The basic grip viewed from four different angles.

Have you been to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia? I think what happened was that it was broken but you had a copy on your browser cache. Apr 14, Messages: Mar 6, Messages: Soills 17, Messages: Finding badminton books on the Internet can be simple when you use the proper searches. There are some great books on badminton available though and the key to finding them can be to know how and where to look.


Stay on your toes or on the balls of your feet. Don’t forget to bring your left leg close so that you do not badmimton yourself.

Too bad he is still struggling. I believe that despite his contributions to badminton in Malaysia, his application for citizenship has been turned down repeatedly.

Finally the last badminton book suggestion that we will give in this particular article is the book entitled “Advanced Badminton Techniques”. No, create an account now. I think that’s where I get the concept of ‘destroying balance’ to move around the court.

What siklls need to remember when looking for the right books for your style, skill level, technique and weaknesses is what you are looking to improve upon or learn about. He has also been attached to the Pelikan Badminton Academy as its chief coach and is now promoting the game in other states. Movements are short, explosive, multi-direction, varied in pace and mostly sideways 2. He helped Malaysia reached the finals of the Thomas Cup in and won it back in Another great book that can be found on the Internet is an e book entitled Sure Fire Badminton Drills.

Separate names with a comma.

Basic Skills of Badminton – Han Jian – Google Books

Thanks for visiting us! Jul 19, Messages: Oct 3, Messages: Use smaller steps first before you proceed to use bigger steps to cover the distance 8. Han Jian was a little man, but what a dynamo. Sorry pics not transferable as they are moving images Incorrect grips. The Milo sponsored website address is as follows: The badimnton the racket should not jut out from your hand.


To cover them all here baic be impossible.

Learn Badminton Basics from Han Jian

Happy browsing and hope you can benefit from his lessons! Because badminton is very popular in haj different countries you need to be sure the book you have found is written or offered in the language you speak and read. But he is a good example for those who start later because of circumstances.

Perhaps he should have gone over to Singapore and start a badminton school or skkills, sort of seeding the rebirth of badminton in Singapore. Transfer the body weight in the direction you want to go. In the course of a game, a player often has to adjust or change basiv grip in order to cope with different situations – defend, attack, lob, drop, net – that crop up on court.

Even players like Park Joo Bong of South Korea thinks that Han Jian has the basix footwork in badminton as he is able to move around the court very smoothly and fluidly. Zhang Ning Regular Member. The link is very informative and for a skillls time, I tried to get his book for footwork. To move fast, a player has to lose his balance fast and recover it just as quickly. It must be unusual because Misbun is quite a maverick himself.

Share This Page Tweet. Product Manager Core Networks Location: Four examples of how players hold the racket wrongly. Yes, my password is: Lunge forward with your right leg.