The epic novel of man and nature that won its author the Nobel Prize in Literature , in the first new English translation in more than ninety years When. by Knut Hamsun, translated from the Norwegian by Sverre Lyngstad (Penguin; $13). Project Gutenberg · 58, free ebooks · 18 by Knut Hamsun. Growth of the Soil by Knut Hamsun. No cover available. Download; Bibrec.

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While staying at the farm again, it is evident that Eleseus is weak compared to his brother and isn’t a physical worker. He shows the land as being the true home and heart of a family, as the characters rely upon the land and live off the fruits of their blood and sweat. Growth of the Soilwritten 27 years after his other classic and debut novel, and one of my personal favorite books of all-time, Hunger displays Nkut at a much more matured writing style.

She gets ov well inut Isak, too well in fact as soon she has two boys. I follow his thoughts entirely. His trading business depended on a lot of foot traffic but since there was no more, there were no more customers.

Growth Of The Soil

No longer had she the groath but merely a hamsyn on her face. According to her, she had been near the stream collecting juniper twigs for cleaning buckets when suddenly, she slipped into the river at the same time she was to give birth. From the strange section in which Isak has to be led through the process of obtaining legal ownership of the land he has tilled for decades, to the son who appears less and less at the family estate, to finally Isak seeing an apparition of the Devil in the forest he has traversed for years, this book is ultimately not a story of a man who changes, but of changes circling a ggrowth of a dying breed.

I have, however, learned something from everyone and what man is there who has not learned a little from all? Where Isak is firmly rooted – ensconced, one might almost say – in this land he himself has shaped his ponderous presence in the landscape is always depicted somewhat reverently with a semi-mythical flairInger is tormented by the echo of distances, of that vast world outside their valley, hamsjn she longs to see.


Growth of the Soil by Knut Hamsun – Free Ebook

Hope to get to Pan and Mysteries before the end of the year. Society has contempt for the unmarried woman who is pregnant. Description The epic novel of man and nature that won its author the Nobel Prize in Literature. Isak is a pioneer of the land, starting a farm yrowth family from virtually nothing, a trait which Hamsun admired in individuals. Unlike Independent Peopleall of his work bears fruit to an extraordinary degree, as does everyone and everything else around him so long as it submits to his way of living.

Growth of the Soil

Inspired by Your Browsing History. What was once barren land is now rich of settlers, all started from the one pioneer Isak. Feb 18, Josh rated it liked it Shelves: She has a hairlip and there’s an old saying that if you are given a hare, well a hairlip is going to arrive.

This page was last edited on 16 Novemberat My own feeling is that he would urge us to remember, wherever we may go in the end.

Growth of the Soil – Wikisource, the free online library

Open Preview See a Problem? Anything that goes against this is wrong, weak, spoiled and unnatural with the blame for such often lying in the midst of many an urbanized center. And it knht because these two do — and hard. Published May 12th by Vintage first published About Knut Hamsun Nobel Prize winner Knut Hamsun — worked as a laborer in both Scandinavia and America before establishing himself as a successful playwright and novelist.

Isak is a great big taproot of a man, where Inger is a flight, a suppressed flight. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Light hardly fades at night, but it is chilly, even in July, and people know instinctively that they have to catch each sun ray in order to steel themselves for winter. Os frutos da terra, por outro lado, tinham de ser obtidos de qualquer maneira.

For example, when he was informed that he was needing to purchase the farms land from the State, Isak was confused as this had never crossed his mind. What I believe it hamskn down to is this: The point of this review is that one can, and should, abstain from this type of analysis.


Hamsun utilized techniques fairly new to the time such as stream of consciousness or interior monologue. The young woman is not only going to bring a child into the world, which may seem bad enough, but she is also to be kmut as a criminal because of it. Geissler had finally sold his land and the mine was operational again.

You can still find traces of Knut Hamsun’s epic tale of the quiet, monosyllabic farmer life in Norway in the rural dialects, superstitions and conservative mindset.

People from all over assemble to witness this luxury in use. She is always amazed at everything which Isak does. A fellow wanders into northern Norway and clears land for a little hut. Not everyone has the sheer luck to claim copper ridden land and not be cheated of it due to complete ignorance, or have that luck and ignorance extend to the realities of childbirth and just what physical and psychological traumas can occur due to having a womb, a male home provider who wants sex, and no contraception.

The other two are optional and vary depending on the book: With more than 1, titles, Penguin Classics represents a global bookshelf of the best works throughout history and across genres and disciplines.

Seeing both the brilliant writer and the Nazi supporter will give jnut nuanced picture of the different facets of life in Scandinavia at that time. Sep 25, Pages. Like in Tolstoy, POV able to access thoughts of so many characters thanks to steadiness.

Inger is the wife of Isak described as being “a big, brown-eyed girl, full built and coarse, with good, heavy hands, and rough hide brogues on her feet as if she had og a Lapp The cornerstone of this novel are the ggrowth and characteristics of one Isak: The author clearly wanted to make the point that the soil is the source of true value, and that hard work consistently applied over many years was required to turn that inherent value into wealth.

I never felt bored, but I don’t see the strength in this that everyone else seems to see.