Buy Gravity and Strings (Cambridge Monographs on Mathematical Physics) on Tomás Ortín is a Research Professor at the Institute for Theoretical Physics. Self-contained and comprehensive, this definitive new edition of Gravity and Strings is a unique resource for graduate students Ortin, Tomas. The problem of non-renormalizability is first reviewed, followed by introduction of string theory as an ultraviolet-finite theory of gravity. String.

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Toms Ortn completed his graduate studies and got his Ph. He then worked as a postdoctoral student in the Physics Department of Stanford University supported by a Spanish Government grant. Between andhe was E. Dr Xtrings has taught several graduate courses on advanced general relativity, supergravity and strings.

His research interests lie in string theory, gravity, quantum gravity and black hole physics. Account Options Sign in.


Gravity and Strings

Gravity and Strings is a self-contained, pedagogical exposition of this theory, its foundations and its basic results. In Part I, the foundations are traced back to the very early special-relativistic field theories My library Help Advanced Book Search.

Cambridge University Press Amazon. Cambridge University PressMar 25, – Science – pages. One gtavity feature of string theory is that it provides a theory of quantum gravity. In Part I, the foundations are traced back to the very early special-relativistic field theories of gravity, showing how such theories lead to general relativity.

High Energy Physics – Phenomenology

Gauge theories of gravity are then discussed and used to introduce supergravity theories. In Part II, some of the most interesting solutions of general relativity and its ortkn are studied.

The final Part presents and studies string theory from the effective action point of view, using the results found earlier in the book as background. This book will be useful as a reference book for graduate students and researchers, as well as a complementary textbook for courses on gravity, supergravity and string theory. Selected pages Page Contents Part II Gravitating pointparticles.


Part III Gravitating extended objects of string theory. Appendix A Lie groups symmetric spaces and YangMills fields. Appendix B Gamma matrices and spinors.

Gravity and Strings by Tomas Ortín

Appendix D Palatinis identity. Appendix E Conformal rescalings. Appendix F Connections and curvature components. Appendix G The harmonic operator on R3 S1.

Part II Gravitating pointparticles.