CLASSIQUE. 29,4 cm. GRAPHOPLEX. ELECTRIC LOG-LOG British ( anglaise). CLASSIQUE. 29 cm. GRAPHOPLEX. ELECTRIC LOG-LOG ( variante). Graphoplex Slide rules. Welcome · Calculators · Slide Rules · Aristo · Arithma · Concise · Dietzgen · Faber-Castell · Gilson · Graphoplex · Hope · Keuffel & Esser . Use the various search options to discover and browse the details of the slide rules (many with images and copies of the instructions) I have collected since.

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Scales are the usual Rietz ones: Both cursor and rule are celluloid.

Camera Voigtlander Vitoret R case and accessories Germany Toys Schuco microracer red Germany Go to the Graphoplfx Sized Slide Rules. Go to the Exotic Slide Rules. This slide chart, made by IWA, no: It has the following scales: It has a French instruction manual.

Go to the Circular Slide Rules. The rules are all very distinctive in style, and are exceptionally graphopplex and well designed. Rotating the winder with the button depressed rotates the two hands cursors together. Sphere Research Corporation Sunnyside Rd. Here are the original French instructions included with typical Graphoplex rules: It has a burgundy plastic case, card of tables, etc, and an instruction leaflet. General purpose simplex trig rule.

Camera Ilford exposure meter England F requently A sked Q uestions. Calculigraphe calculator made by Henri Chatelaine in Paris. Camera 4 vintage cameras Germany France England. DeskMan tools. Extended capacity hyperbolic log log rule, has P Pythagorean scale. The large stylized G with ‘ raphoplex ‘ inside is their logo, and often confuses people into thinking the rules are called ‘Raphoplex’ rules.


There is a fixed cursor on the rear glass. Go to the Auction Page.

Do check the attached video on how to work your vintage man tool: Rotating the winder alone rotates the back scales. Specialized fraphoplex rule, mark up, discount, factor conversion. This is typical of the instructions supplied with most of the more complex rules.

Graphoplex 640 slide rule box papers 1960 France

Go to the Slide Rule Books. Note the unusual scale markings B’s on the rule. Graphoplex slide rule box papers France. Graphoplex d Rietz ten inch, closed frame, plastic slide rule.

règles Graphoplex

Leather flap case Pocket Electric Log Log You are visitor number. It appears to be made of celluloid, with a celluloid and very thin nickel plated, brass cursor. The number is on the rule itself and on the manual.

Common color schemes were maroon, violet and gray, and cases were typically a two part plastic case maroon or later, grayor a thin brown flap-style leather case. A short form catalog often was present at the top, listing similar rules by model number.

Pocket duplex rules were quite uncommon, with only a single example found so far, the b. CLICK on each image to see the page in full size! The latter are the same as for the rule above and the reverse of the card is shown this time. The higher end gray end brace duplex rules from Graphoplex were also sold in the USA by the large drafting supply distributor, Koh-I-Noorbased in New Jersey, and still have the Graphoplex logo.


Graphoplex slide rule box papers France – Vintage Man Stuff

Leather slip case b Pocket Tecnilog DeskMan tools Tags: Leather flap case Rietz C. DeskMan tools Dutch weather station sputnik. This complete set of slide rule,cardboard box, manual and card are made by Graphoplex from France. Go to the Pocket Slide Rules. Both names are printed on the back of the rule and the latter is also printed on the leather slip case. Man toolsTime. The surface finish is very glossy on most rules, and the scale markings appear to be underneath a thin clear surface coating or layer.

Coffee Neapolitan flip coffee pot Italy They are visually very striking, something often hard to judge well from a scan, which tends to increase the visual grapholex gray becomes blackand makes exact colors hard to reproduce. Other calculations can also be made relating to the pipework used.

I have been unable to locate a current company called Graphoplex in France today, but they supposedly were involved in other plastics molding and manufacturing, so may now exist as a different company, or as part of a larger conglomerate.