Rimbaud has ratings and 45 reviews. Eddie said: There will never be a single biography that does Rimbaud total justice, and that’s as it should be be. ‘Robb has written a great biography – scholarly, humane and above all marvelously Graham Robb’s brilliant biography moves Rimbaud on from his perpetual. In this robust biography, Robb (Balzac; Victor Hugo) contemplates the life of Arthur Rimbaud () as if the French poet/ vagabond’s deeds were those of.

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Regarding Graham Robb’s Biography. Perhaps it didn’t occur to him that life could be lived in any other way.

The infernal bridegroom

A poem by Malcolm Lowry consists entirely of an enumeration of Rimbaud’s identities, donned and doffed with bewildering rapidity and Olympian indifference. A thorough biography that is well written.

He only returned to die, aged 36, just as his poetic reputation was growing to colossal proportions.

As a child, AR — like Margret Fuller — went into hiding, in compartments. Robb is also quite funny, especially when he’s dissing all the Rimbaud biographies which preceded his own. Again, this would be okay, except that most of the history section is spent “correcting” what Robb feels are falsehoods rather than just telling the story of Rimbaud’s life.

No one could have seen what Rimbaud was doing, because it was completely unprecedented and unimaginable; a schoolboy somehow writing some of the greatest masterpieces of French poetry. He is importer, exporter, financier, main man for arms importer and main suppliers of the Swiss engineer mastermind of king Menelik new nation. Refresh and try again.


The poetry is hard to describe and exhilarating, mad, exhausting in effect. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. I had read “The Illuminations” one of his key works of poetry though I have to say did not remember much about it.

Then he stopped writing poetry, went to Africa, far from mommy dearest and French weather, and because a respected trader and explorer. Mention his name and the Carjat photograph showing grsham oval face with the shock of dark hair, the faraway look and the wilful, almost sulky mouth springs instantly to mind. Apr 17, Rebecca rated it it was amazing.

Observer review: Rimbaud by Graham Robb | Books | The Guardian

We know some surprising things about him, such as thanks to a Brussels police report the appearance of his penis ‘short and not very voluminous’ and anus ‘can be dilated quite markedly’.

But with this telling and vital rinbaud — he is well known for his eager assimilation into the cultures and societies he inhabits; he is continually and unstintingly generous to those at the edges of survival. What evidence allows one to present such a conclusion? And I also think that he must have realized that, in parent-child relationships of the kind he survived, power shifts from the parent to the child over time – a little bit every day – as both the parent and the child age.

But cast incredulity aside: From phenomenally precocious schoolboy he became Europe’s most shocking and exhilarating poet, author of poems that range from the exquisite to the obscene.

There is evidence, though it is hotly disputed, that he was, briefly, a slave-trader. They did not need to solicit anything. This is an excellent biography on the “enfant terrible” Arthur Rimbaud, from his days as a filthy, lice-infested anarchic boy genius who wrote avant-gard p. He traces the conflict and compulsion in Rimbaud’s nature to his family constellation: It was precisely because of this that he always seemed a step ahead of his peers and colleagues and was misunderstood, misrepresented, and unable to be fully appreciated for his contributions – both to literature and to exploration.


Raised by a horrible mother, as a teenager he seemed dedicated to ruining as many lives as possible for rkbb sake of some grzham artistic principle.

Rimbaud: A Biography by Graham Robb

Just not worth the bother. Every threat — a target, which he engaged relentlessly, unremittingly, without concern for consequences and without remorse. His previous biographical and academic work has prepared him for this task.

The Rimbaud of this book is a smart, energetic genius and a fascinating, if not always appealing, character. Rimbaud was as fascinating as he was unlikable.

Whatever your aesthetic or political investment, Rimbaud’s brilliant geaham life and death is astonishing, disgusting and grimly funny.

But this loss is also multiform. A must-read for those who find their voice in his youthful works.

This is an excellent and thorough biography. Nov 17, Hal rated it liked it.