General Mohammed Oufkir, was a powerful minister who led King Hassan II’s security services. He was married with six children, one of which. Muḥammad Oufkir: Mehdi Ben Barka: was headed by General Muhammad Oufkir, Hassan’s minister of the interior. A formal inquiry and trial in France showed. General Oufkir, a former Defense Minister and long the King’s closest associate, ordered the strafing of the royal Boeing by air force fighter jets.

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Tahunia naik pangkat menjadi kapten dan dianugerahi Legion d’Honneur.

Sebagai tangan kanan Generwl Hassan II pada an dan awal an, Oufkir memimpin program pengintaian pemerintah terhadap para politikus, serikat pekerja, dan lembaga keagamaan. King Hassan II succeeded to the throne on 26 February TahunOufkir diangkat menjadi menteri dalam negeri. General Mohamed Oufkir was the interior minister, minister of defense and the chief of the armed forces. Ruang nama Halaman Pembicaraan.

On July 16,at the age of 43, Malika Oufkir emigrated to Paris accompanied by her brother Raouf and her sister Soukaina. Ababou was killed in a shoot-out. Human rights in Morocco. Malika published an account of her life in prison, entitled Stolen Lives: The king and his aides hid in a bathroom to avoid the shooting, then reasserted authority after being found. Some said that the dismissals took place only after the ministers had made enough money from corrupt practices and it was time for others to take their turn.

Unsourced material generall be challenged and removed. This story is detailed by Oufkir’s daughter Malika in the book Stolen Lives: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Malika Oufkir – Wikipedia

Twenty Years in a Desert Jail. In he was promoted captain and named to the Legion d’Honneur. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. List of equipment of the Royal Moroccan Army. Raja Hassan semakin bergantung pada Oufkir untuk membungkam ketidakpuasan masyarakat.

Views Read Edit View history. Ia dibunuh setelah terlibat dalam upaya kudeta yang gagal. He was awarded a total of seven citations, including three palmes citations in Army Orders.

Mohamed Medbouh

He often went riding with Hassan II, or played golf with him. Even at the Palace, where Islam was dominant, Christmas was still Christmas”. Ten of the leaders of the coup were executed, and others received harsh prison sentences. After escaping, they were released into house arrest in They ran out of control when they saw the luxury of the gathering. Diperoleh dari ” https: Pihak-pihak di luar lingkup pemerintahan percaya bahwa Oufkir dieksekusi oleh pasukan yang setia dengan kerajaan Maroko.

Atas perintah raja, seluruh keluarga Oufkir dikirim ke kemah penjara rahasia di gurun.

As the right-hand man of King Hassan II in the s and early s, Oufkir led government supervision of politicians, unionists and the religious establishment. Setelah lima tahun hidup di bawah pengawasan kepolisian, mereka pindah ke Perancis. His great-grandfather was from Sidi Bel Abbes in Algeria northwest. Captain Mohamed Medbough was leader of one of two infantry battalions that moved into the mountains to suppress the revolt, which was achieved without difficulty.


Istrinya, Fatima, dan putranya, Raouf, juga menerbitkan kesaksiannya tentang kehidupan di oufkkir waktu itu.

Royal Moroccan Army Commander: Literary theory Critics Literary Prizes. Pennell, Morocco since Mohamed Oufkir was a native of Ain-Chair, in the Tafilalt region, the stronghold of high Atlas Moroccan Berbers, in the south-eastern Morocco, where his father was appointed pasha by Hubert Lyautey in This account was later translated into English.

Tazmamart Temara interrogation centre Ain Aouda secret prison. In they were among nine political prisoners to be released. They were married at the town hall of the 13th arrondissement in Paris. June Learn how and when to remove this template message. His domination of the Moroccan political scene was now near-complete, with the king ever more reliant on him to contain mounting discontent.

Tampilan Baca Sunting Sunting sumber Versi terdahulu. After a failed republican military coup inhe was named chief of staff and minister of defense, and set about purging the army and promoting his personal supporters. Mohamed Medbouh was a Berber from the Rifand a hero to the Moroccan people.

About 1, [a] military cadets attacked, firing automatic weapons into the crowd at random, and killing almost guests.

Muḥammad Oufkir

Hak asasi manusia di maroko. Retrieved from ” https: Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. The Berber identity movement and the challenge to North African states.