Uninterruptible Power supply. Digital Energy™. SitePro. 10 – 15 – 20 – 30 – 40 kVA. Vac CE / Series 8. GE Consumer & Industrial SA. SitePro, the most reliable Uninterruptible Power System available for data security and other demanding critical applications. GE Consumer & Industrial. Power Protection. Digital Energy™. SitePro. ®. Series UPS. Uninterruptible Power Supply 10 – kVA. GE imagination at work.

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Functioning As Frequency Converter 4. The load is powered by the UPS. The IEM mode for RPA can be freely programmed taking care of load changes during the day or degree of redundancy required.

A damaged UPS must never be installed or connected to mains or battery! This symbol refers to the operations of a parallel system.

N p a ra m e te rs Tel1 This parameter specifies a first telephone number to be used for modem dial-out. Please click here to enlarge. This unit will be powered on and connected to the parallel bus in order to share the load with each other’s. Thank you for choosing GE! The third screen is displayed.


Gen Set Signalling gen On 9. Page 38 General alarm condition It blinks when one or more alarm is activated. This first parameter level in not protected by password, therefore the user siteppro freely adapt these parameters to their needs. Service And Technical Support Fig. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. The UPS must be moved in upright position. The UPS cabinet is free standing and normally does not require bolting to the floor.

An equivalent set of parameters for Example 4 is.

The internal buzzer is ON. Packing material recycling GE, in compliance with environment protection, use only environmentally friendly material.

Shut Down Procedures This symbol refers to the operations of a parallel system. Remove the cable short-circuiting terminals X2 when using this external switch. Inverter output fuses blown F5, F6, F7.

A detailed report of the damage is necessary for any insurance claim.

GE site pro UPS K6 opening failure??

The present publication and any other documentation supplied with the UPS system is not to be reproduced, either in part or in its entirety, without the prior written consent of GE.

SitePro UPS provides reliable and robust protection for mission critical installations between IT and telecommunications, and infrastructure applications such as airports, hospitals, and financial companies.

For parallel systems perform the following procedure on each unit, starting from unit no. The outputs of parallel units are connected to a common power bus, and in normal operation the units connected on the parallel bus share the Load equally.


The siterpo is still powered by the other units supplying the parallel bus.

GE site pro UPS K6 opening failure?? | All About Circuits

Parallel Control Bus Connection 4. These steps are not applicable for single units. The UPS parallel system must be completely powered down. The AC power supply can be powered either by bypass mains input standard version, suitable in most cases or rectifier mains input.

In case of any damage sustained during transport, immediately inform the carrier and contact your local Service Centre. Alarms — scrolls backward to the previous screen. The redundant communication bus to which all units are connected keeps each unit informed about the status of all the other units.

Mains Failure Aitepro 3. Unpacking For parallel systems, the delivery also includes the bus control cables for inter- connecting the UPS modules.