Model. Fully Digital Mammography. Complete Full Field Digital System, Rotating 18×24 Bucky, Automatic Compression, Assorted Compression Paddles, . GE Healthcare – Senographe DDigital Quality and GE reliability in a cost- effective system, The full-field digital Senographe D combines high. GoldSeal refurbished pre-owned Senographe* D mammography systems help you perform screening exams as well as diagnostic views. The Senographe .

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The lister has indicated that this item is no longer available.

I replaced the chiller with one from a parts unit. Initial testing revealed strange intermittent communication problems. At this point, I went and worked on the other D for a while. Senobraphe returning to this unit a few weeks later, it continued to display strange intermittent communication problems. It also began to not boot the monitor on startup.


GE Healthcare – Senographe D Community, Manuals and Specifications | MedWrench

This was also intermittent. I tried replacing the UPS, as some of the communication problems were related to that. Switching the UPS had no effect.

I tried another monitor, which also had no effect. This left the AWS computer itself.

GE Senographe D | Integrity Medical

I switched the AWS with one from a parts unit, and this cleared up my communication problems, and also cleared up my monitor problems. I reloaded the detector parameters from the supplied detector disk, and recalibrated the entire detector.

Calibrations passed ok, and subsequent QAP tests passed. DOTmed has partnered gge uShip to get you the best quotes from reliable shippers. Sign In or Register.

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