The “foundations” which the Committee investigated did not all carry that label, . RENE A. WORMSER CONTENTS PREFACE by drazilla carroll reece v. Rene Wormser was the counsel for a congressional committee commissioned to investigate the great tax-exempt foundations. Despite opposition from the. Foundations has 17 ratings and 0 reviews. Rene Wormser was the counsel for a congressional committee commissioned to investigate the.

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They have become almost a guild, the bureaucrats of the foun- dation complex. Theoretically, a society could be completely made over in something reje 15 years, the time it takes to inculcate a new culture into a rising group of youngsters. These functions are the essence of the fiduciary duty of the trus- tees.

renne If they were not acting in concert, one could even excuse the impact of such political opin- ions on their work as individuals within foundations. A total of One who is not can still get there, but it is infinitely more difficult.

Full text of “Foundations, America Foundations; Their Power And Influence Rene A Wormser ( )”

To offer any criticism of the major foundations and those organizations with which they interlock is equivalent to writing yourself off their books.

Such wormer already owned about half the real estate in Mexico. Its main contribution workser to expose instances in which the promo- tion of political ends, favored perhaps by foundation managers, had been disguised as charitable or educational activity.

Finally, the rec- ommendations called for increased Government activity in edu- cation and the social services to balance the power of foundations. As is the case in foundations generally, the management is self-perpetuat- ing. It is difficult, in a situation such as this, to establish a cause- and-effect relationship with accuracy — to determine the extent to which foundation managers have followed or created trends.


No longer does the scholar carry the initiative. Numerous foundations pursue their political ways renf of interference by the Internal Revenue Service because of the ambiguity foundatiions weakness of the statute referred to. They often debate issues; they frequently pass on and determine prin- ciples of operation; they consider and take action on many specific grants.

The school administrator approaching a foundation, hat in hand, and eager to propose a project which conforms to the known leanings of the foundation executives, is a sad product of our age. If New York had not given them what they wanted they would have passed along from State to State until they found a corporate habitation on their own terms, without in the least interfering with their oper- ating wherever they chose. He contends that the flow of really good ideas and scientific achieve- ment is hindered rather than advanced by the habitual bigness of corporation- or foundation-supported research projects.

The fears of foundation power prevalent in that generation are best expressed by the statement to the Com- mission made by a prominent lawyer and student of social prob- lems who later became a justice of the Supreme Court. The foundations have not responded to the challenge to invigor- ate individual research. It is not the purpose of this study, however, to discuss the business or tax-avoidance use of foundations in detail.

They have exposed a great num- ber of unexplored problems arising out of foundation activity. A stereotyped bureaucracy has developed among the major foundations and their satellite organizations.

The change in prevalent fashions of thinking and in the social climate arising during and after the Depression altered the style of foundation performance so much that later analysts of their impact on our culture have more and more expressed their con- cern at a record of anticonservative performance. Some opponents of bigness now wish to prevent diversification, even when the collateral activities of a great corporation give it no preponderant or even commanding position in the collateral industries.


It is the people who run them who must account, morally, to the public. It was to subordinate whatever philanthro- pic work had been planned to the welfare of that newspaper and the interest of the Reid family in it.

Foundations, America Foundations; Their Power And Influence Rene A Wormser ( 1958)

Mudd trustee Frederick F. He suggests that the business men holding positions as trustees had abandoned their responsibility to a professional class of admin- istrators. Wormser,] have earlier referred—propaganda toward a collectivism which now has broadened to international collectivism—globalism.

The directors were dummies. The Social Science Research Council has been included in this program because it is the instrumentality most used by individual scholars, universities and research organiza- tions for interchange of information, planning and other cooperative functions in the fields described.

The Textron disclosures, and studies of other abuses of the tax laws through the use of charitable foundations, led to a strength- ening of the Internal Revenue Code. The result will be a better understanding of the principles of human behavior in- volved in operating tax-exempt activities and a more practical approach to the formulation and application of the law protecting the public interest. Yet, under totally different economic and social conditions, the reme of are still significant.

It questioned the merits and the place of voluntary charitable en- dowments in a welfare state. What could I do? Spruille Braden, former Assistant Secretary of State.