I find google maps an excellent tool for planning cycle routes along roads which I know, and using this method you can convert your planned. GPS Visualizer will take a Google Map route (url) and convert “You can To export a route to KML you’ll have to use Google MyMaps. I can plan my route online and export this to file with each node as waypoint and the name of the A. By .aspx.

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Me supplies distances for offline generated routes. A lot of people have flagged up Komoot. I previously recommended HostelBookers, but with the app not updated for over two years and with ratings sliding down the charts, I can feel a shutdown coming soon.

Guiding “point by point” with a voice announcement

Has an impressive layer with water taps on it and some nice routing features. I think it is becoming very hot now in Praha ;- Probably there is already an app that can help you to realise your wish.

I mean all proper paper maps do. As it works in exactly same way. These apps will help with that: Would love to hear the name of the point in the distance and the direction of the point.

BCN features no routing or sat-nav style navigation features, being as it is more oriented towards GPS users in backcountry scenarios on foot, but the ability to download a variety of tilesets i. Great list, some nice new one for me — Windy is perfect, and some classics. The Pro version routfs you to download them for offline use too.


Keeping your photos backed up is another story, however…. Avoid those and choose one of the recommendations audited by a trusted site with a reputation worth losing. I think that there is no need to merge into one file. We must receive advance warning of the danger. Yup, been using komoot for quite a few years now.

Why POI Alert is not suitable for you? Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. These apps will help with that:.

A Beer-Tasting Bicycle Tour In Belgium

Furthermore, using the “point by point” voice guiding and connection between point of track and POI, can offer an interesting additional functionality – audio guide! Friedel 20th August at 9: I fietsent today is rarely travel by bicycle, but quite often traveling to a place that has not been known before.

There is also a simple way: Hi Tom in I cycled around Europe and used cycling map books. Steve April 8, Google Maps Yet again, Google are there with features nobody else has the leverage to pull off. Choose the layer you want to export, fietsmet click Entire map.

A Beer-Tasting Bicycle Tour In Belgium | TravellingTwo: Bicycle Touring Around The World

How you define sequence of points, define distance when you already reached a point and so on? You can also search offline for nearby points of interest such as cafes, grocery stores and lodgings.

Download the Couchsurfing app for: Tom September 19, This looks like a perfect combination! Thankfully our friend Alicia an experienced beer cyclist came to the rescue with a 90km route from the Belgian city of Antwerp to fketsnet Dutch city of Tilburg, passing the Westmalle and La Trappe fidtsnet breweries along the way.


Be aware, however, of the tactics this app will use to make you feel like you have to book right now or the universe will implode. Family and friends got hooked on a friends progress in the TCRno5 and want to do the same with me as I wobble back to Blighty from Basel.

Dave May 8, My suggestion would be Wikipedia Offline. Planning a phone guided trip across France atm for sept. With the right crate, you can easily carry 24 bottles of beer on your bicycle. But no navigation “turn by turn”. Many places allow you to download maps in the default style for offline use. Android iOS Download Telegram for: This is not another list of cycling apps aiming to replace a GPS unit or a cycle computer.

Nothing beats it really both for planning routes and using it for navigation. The smiles say it all really.

Low-budget hostels are underrepresented at Booking. We have many loves, and near the top of the list is a good beer. The routeplanner will take you along lovely roads. In places where OSM, Google and paper maps coverage is really sketchy, my fallback for many years has been the good old Soviet Military Maps, which, yes, were last updated during the Cold War, but cover the entire world at the 1: Export to gpx or tcx file.

Great blog post Tom. Here are a few: