Výroba ultrazvukových a indukčních průtokoměrů kapalin a měřičů tepla ve vodě a v páře. Etica Crista: Alternativas e Questoes Contemporaneas: Norman Geisler: Books – Christian Ethics has ratings and 16 reviews. Jacob said: Geisler’s work is divided into two parts: a survey of the different positions (including a d.

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Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Christian Ethics by Norman L. Christian Ethics by Norman L.

Christian Ethics by Norman L. Geisler

Pressing ethical issues pertaining to abortion, euthanasia, divorce, and others are examined from a biblical perspective. Paperbackpages. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Christian Ethicsplease sign up.

See 1 question about Christian Ethics…. Lists with This Book. Feb 23, Jacob Aitken rated it really liked it Shelves: Geisler’s work is divided into two parts: While one can quibble with some of his exegesis, his larger arguments are compelling.

His treatment of defective ethical positions, such as Joseph Fletcher’s Situationism, is masterful. Situationism The situationist has the one law of love, the many general principles of wisdom, and the moment of decision Geisle Geisler’s work is divided into two parts: Situationism The situationist has the one law of love, the many general principles of wisdom, and the moment of decision Geisler Geisler does note a number of legitimate strengths of situationism, but nonetheless there are gaping inadequacies.

Utilitarianism Greatest good for greatest number. Do we mean a few years? In that case, only God could be a utilitarian and he is not Lie to the Nazis at the door? Sanctity of Truth and Truth is the essence of God. However, he does not believe every intentional deception is a lie e. Negative Aspects Disputed premises: Perhaps, but the Platonic premise here should at least by acknowledged.

In fact, obedience often puts the believer in dilemmas! In other words, sucks to be you.

Best seen in Lutheran Two-Kingdoms. Issues The second section of the book deals with problems in Ethics. However, he does note that birth control methods that kill a fertilized ovum are murder. Condoms, however, do not kill fertilized ova.

Christian Ethics

He defends capital punishment by asking the question: Punishment is to punish the offender. Nothing more, nothing less. Nlrman common sense shows how tyrannical the latter can be.


Geisler gives good responses to the opponents of capital punishment. Geisler defends the possibility of just war, including tactical nuclear strikes. A tactical nuclear strike against a larger army is not the same thing as launching thousands of ICBMs and will not destroy planet earth.

The former advocates rebelling against the government when it passes a law that permits evil or limits freedom. Schaeffer took this position in A Christian Manifesto.

Not only is it unworkable, it is negated by much of Christian history. The latter position means disobeying the government when it commands you to do evil.

Geisler categorically condemns armed revolution.

As marriage is more than sex, so sex is more than procreation. Its purpose is threefold: His take on divorce is a bit complicated. It is always wrong That does not mean remarriage is not permissible under certain circumstances. This is a fine intro to Christian Ethics and will serve nicely in a college or seminary classroom.

Jul 20, Jake Brock rated it it was amazing. Well constructed, thorough and user-friendly guide to understanding and engaging in ethical reasoning from a Christian worldview. Dec 07, Rodney Harvill rated it really liked it Shelves: There were several ethics positions of which I was unaware. For example, the activist position in war and civil disobedience assumes that government direction automatically makes an action just. I had wondered how a people that produced Martin Luther and a wealth of theological study could submit in lock-step fashion to a man such as Etida.

Perhaps this yeisler position helps to explain this contradiction. The author presents and evaluates multiple sides of the ethical systems and issues in a respectful manner. By the end of each chapter, there is no doubt where he stands. Yet he presents a good example of respectful disagreement. He did not dismiss opposing viewpoints and often pointed out certain strengths and good points in his critiques of them.

Geisler does a thorough job of describing all the arguments for a particular issue, but fails to spend any actual time discussing why he thinks the argument falls short. Many of his responses to said arguments are one sentence long, and most teisler filled with unproven assertions. That’s etifa to say he is wrong, I agree with him a great deal. However, he doesn’t spend an adequate amount of time developing or backing up his points.

That being said, all in all it is cristw great way to get an overview of arguments for or against specific etjca issues.

But to really wrestle with the arguments, I find it to be lacking. Jul 05, Joanna Crawford rated it did not like it Recommends it for: This is one of the most poorly written textbooks on ethics that I have ever read. The author offers outrageous statements without any sourcing. In his attempts to teach about various ethical controversies, he offers weak straw men arguments, then knocks them down as “proof” that his opinion is correct.


I don’t mind books that do not support my beliefs — in fact, I welcome them — but I do expect good scholarship in educational materials. If you state something as fact, back ggeisler up. That’s what fo This is one of the most poorly written textbooks on ethics that I have ever read. Apr 05, Mary J rated it really liked it Shelves: The edition I read the newest, I think was relevant to this day and was a great resource. I wouldn’t recommend it as the only one, especially if geisled are an ethics major, but it criista wonderful for those who simply took an intro class like me.

Simply stated, presents the facts, and makes sense of these issues to Christians who may not understand the ethics of what they believe. Jun 06, Chapronrin rated it liked it. This book is written in a good systematic way that makes it highly useful for those of us in ministry who wish to examine critical topics and ethical view upon them.

It was a valuable read, however, like many works on ethics written over five years ago, it could use a little revision. Nevertheless, it still has some gravitas. May 03, Tyson rated it really liked it.

This book was pretty good on many fronts. There is still a lingering doubt in my mind that certain theories of ethics don’t simply constitute a form of relativism if they are not absolute. Geisler seems to evaluate them fairly.

Overall, a good read, but I would not crsta this an exclusive reading for all ethical issues. Aug 23, Chris Comis rated it it was ok Shelves: Read this for a few classes on ethics. Not bad here and there, but overall, too much reliance on ftica human reason to figure out certain ethical dilemmas and not enough reliance on the Scriptures. May 20, Jake rated it liked it. A pretty decent intro to Christian ethics. Not as in depth as most ethics majors would prefer, but we’re not all gdisler to be ethics majors, now are we?

Could definitely stand for some more 21st century cgista though. Nov 22, Sean-david rated it liked it Shelves: What you would expect from Geisler.