Epifanes Clear Varnish is a high gloss marine varnish for use on wood. This is a true spar varnish containing an exceptionally high percentage of solids and UV. Epifanes clear marine spar varnish is renowned for its gloss finish and offers superior protection in all climates. Formulated with tung oil, phenolic and alkyd. Epifanes Clear Gloss Varnish is compatible with most other types of one- component alkyd or urethane based varnishes and over two-component varnishes.

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This is a great value. You save on the varnish and receive brushes, strainers, and pails for free! The item was added to your shop cart. Technical Specifications Container Size: Ultra High Gloss Density: Brush, roller, conventional air spray, HVLP Temperatures should be between 50 degrees F and 85 degrees F for application, with air humidity below 85 percent.

Avoid varnishing in too much sun or wind, a rapid loss of solvents will occur under these conditions and will decrease the flowing ability. Epifanes Clear Gloss Varnish is compatible with most other types of varnsh alkyd or urethane based varnishes clexr over two-component varnishes.

Rick,I have had this varnish on several items that are kept outside, often infull sun. None of them have yellowed in the several years since I coatedthem. I’ve tried several brands of varnish, seeking something that protects andlasts.

So far this is the best I’ve found. The ONLY drawback to it is thatit’s expensive, especially when you add in the hazmat shipping costs. I use the varnish outdoors on my home’s wood trim. Two or three coats lasts years before it cracks and needs repair.

The sun light does not cause any discoloration. I love the shiny appearance over mahogany stain on molding and fir? Maybe a few more coats would last longer. I also use it indoors in a stone shower over stained thin strips of wood trim. And I use it on indoor stained wood trim around windows, floor boards, etc. I highly recommend Epifanes! Sorry, no marine experience. I have lot’s of teak on my boat including the cockpit sole. I usually do a touch up coat once a year.

God luck with your project. Howdy Bob,Here are the thinner percentages that I used by coat. There is no specific percentage of thinner for each varnlsh.

It is more based on the material you are applying it to as to how absorbent it is. What you want spread without runs. The thinner will allow you to epifanfs it out thinner. We use two units of Epifanes to two units of thinner and one of boiledlinseed oil. We are using it on out door furniture as recommended by theNYTimes many years ago.


This product can not be over coated at this rate. The first dpifanes should be thinned as directed, and then the product really needs to cure and be sanded between coats. This resin system is not designed for quick overcoating. I believe you can do what you describe. I heard that epifaned a professional varnisher at the Port Townsend wooden boat festival.

Let it dry completely, Sand with steel wool or scotchbrie pad. The process takes time, but it’s the best way to get your varnish to adhere.

Epifanes Clear High Gloss Varnish Buy Online Australia

Good luck and I hope your door comes out nice,R. This product would be fine for a daggerboard and rudder, but after use you would want to pull both of these components off.

Being proactive garnish fixing any scratches or damaged areas that come up sooner than later will help preserve them better, and maintain better service life of the varnish. Apply the product as directed to bare sanded wood, and you will want to thin it with the appropriate thinner for the best application. Decanting into smaller containers will help reduce the oxygen, and the less are in the can, the longer it will last before skinning.

We also sell Bloxygen, which is argon in a spray can, that is rpifanes to displace the air in the can, and prevent oxidation–it’s odd because it feels so light that you would think the whole can would float in air.

Some people have had great luck with that. Personally, I have bought varnish in small units. Instead of buying a CV, get 2 x CV cans. I never have but I’m sure it can be done, you would need a fine tip,perhaps a. If you’re trying to build this stuff and walk you’redefeating the purpose I think.

After a lot of years I’ve finally figuredout that if I use this product EXACTLY as recommended and that’s coatsspread out over a week or more depending on the humidity, I can guaranteemy customer won’t have to touch it for three to four vzrnish or maybe longerdepending on the exposure other than annual cleaning with soap and water.

Follow the thinning instructions on the can and try it on a test piece. The worst that can happen is you wasted some varnish cleqr some clean up time.

The experience will be more valuable than the time you spend wondering if it will work. You can use this on the floor. It is a little on the thick side and is best thinned a little with their Epifanes brush thinner and it can be rolled. You could stain the wood first. Not sure if you could add a little stain in the varnish or not. I’d try a small amount first. Yes, it can be wet sanded and buffed.

  ASTM D4607 PDF

I would wait at least 2 weeks or longer to insure full avrnish. Start with wet dry and go up toor start with a higher grit if you don’t have a lot to remove, then buff with a finishing compound like Total Shine. Used the clear, gloss varnish on two garage doors. The varnish was easy to apply and left the doors looking like mirrors.

Epifanes Clear High Gloss Varnish

Though the doors are exposed to direct rain and sun, I feel certain the excellent varnish coverage will protect the doors for an indeterminable time. Also, applied the varnish to a mahogany entry door with the same satisfactory results.

Again, first time using this product. Note this does have a slight tint. Don’t know why but this took an awful long time to dry.

It stayed tacky for weeks. It does look good. Why would you want to use anything except Epiphanes? I vafnish been using two-part varnish in some applications, but have grown weary of the thin consistency and high cost.

Epiphanes gets similar results, and is the best of the one-parts varnishes. Epifanes provides superior durability, and UV protection. The results are gorgeous. Blue Moon turns heads. TotalBoat Lust Marine Varnish. Redtree Badger Hair Brushes. Epifanes Wood Finish Matte Varnish.

Epifanes Wood Finish Gloss Varnish. Epifanes Teak Oil Sealer. JD Easy Varnish Kit. Varjish Varnish Prep Kit. Special order items are not stocked and are ordered direct from the manufacturer. They are non-returnable, may take weeks, varnisu and shipping charges subject to change. Jamestown Distributors Sign in to your account. My Account Wish List Checkout: Item s in your cart: There are no items in your cart. Epifanes Gloss Clear Varnish. Epifanes clear marine spar varnish is renowned for its gloss finish and offers superior protection in all climates.

Formulated with tung oil, phenolic and alkyd resins and U. It is an exceptional finish for wood or over traditional marine varnish clear urethane and clear epoxy varnihs systems. The item was added to your wishlist.

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Keep out of reach of children. Keep away from heat, sparks, open flames, and hot surfaces. Do not breathe dust, fumes, gas, mist, vapors, or spray.