ENRAF-NONIUS ATG Interface. Tank Gauging Protocols Manual. ENRAF INTRODUCTION. The interface between BBI’s Network // Honeywell Enraf ATG Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Honeywell Enraf ATG Installation Manual. Honeywell Enraf series ATG servo gauge is a reliable, versatile and accurate automatic tank level MB; Honeywell Enraf Servo Gauge ATG Manual.

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It is ready when the status on the display changes from MF into FR. To remove the various components proceed as follows: Locate the transport bracket see figure 3. Janual If the motor block needs to be removed, first remove the measuring drum refer to section 5.

The relay output contacts are potential free. The following procedure will do. The displacer will remain in its position until an unlock command UN is given. Additional measurement related items, such as temperature items, can also be protected by password 2. I2 Interface 2 Interface 2 measurement based on set point 2 ; setting for special measurement. When the repeatability test is completed, the selected level dimension and level type appears and TG is replaced by I1.


Honeywell Enraf 854 ATG Manuals

For protection type increased safe EEx e approved glands are to be used. Bring the drum in a slight vibration. If a discrepancy exists between measured and desired value, an advanced software control module adjusts the position of the stepper motor.

The floating point format is a fixed format;! With the freeze command, the displacer remains at its position even when the level reaches the displacer position. Warning Improper installation of cable glands, conduits or stopping plugs Will invalidate the Ex approval of the ATG.

Figure 2 Orientation of the gauge on a tank top view On a stilling well or guide pole, the orientation of the gauge may be chosen freely. Detected errors will be shown as status information on the display refer to Appendix Dor can be requested as items by the PET. The maximum operating level is These items all have unique 2-letter abbreviations which allow easy access and programming.

Make two or three manual dips and compare each reading to ensure the manual dip value is enrag. Safety conventions AWarningsACautions and ANotes are used throughout this installation guide to bring special matters to the immediate attention of the reader. When an additional display is selected, further information can be requested by operating the other switches.


Enraf servo ATG install guide |

Disconnect the infra-red connector from the back-plane. Normally, it is adjusted in the factory for viewing horizontally. This item contains one character, which can be: After a certain time DT a single product measurement is executed. These items all have unique 2-letter enrxf which allow easy access and programming.

Check that the gauge is leveled within 2.

Reprogram all values after completion of all the four calibration measurements. Enter the position of the top of the ball valve with respect to the tank zero adding the immersion depth of the afg at the product level. Maintenance Page 40 5.

Select gasket that is suitable for flange type, maximum pressure and product to be stored. S1 Stg point Standard floating point format; units: The covers should be turned counter-clockwise until the thread Aclicks in place, then turn clockwise until the covers are fully closed.

This is a precision measuring device and shall only be installed by a qualified commissioning engineer.