The ELx continues our tradition of offering the tightest specifications of any microplate reader. Visit BioTek to learn more about our precision microplate. ELx Operator’s Manual. Revision History. Rev Date Changes. A. 1/96 First Release. B. 5/96 Revised reader specifications. Added Scanning. View and Download Biotek ELx operator’s manual online. Absorbance Microplate Reader. ELx Laboratory Equipment pdf manual download. Also for.

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Biotek ELx808 Manuals

Liquid Test 3 is an optional test offered for sites that must have proof of linearity at wavelengths lower than those attainable with the Absorbance Test Plate. Contact Information outside the U. Clean Exposed Surfaces Important! Carrier movement may be limited so that the optical sensor cannot be.

Microplate Readers: ELx Absorbance Microplate Reader – Overview

Prompts For Well Location Divide all ODs on the plate by 2 and multiply by If you need to change the baud rate from the default of to either or Liquid Tests Prepare Test Solutions BioTek offers a dye solution PN25 mL; or wlx808, mL that may be used in the stock solution formulation for Liquid Tests 1 and 2, or, if you prefer, you may use the dye solution described below.


Adjusting the Power Input Vo Re-download software basecode and assays. Selecting A Blank Location For assays defined onboard by a user AssayAssay55it is Errors and indicate that a motor was not able to move to its.

Greyzone Entry If, for lex808, POS is selected as shown in the above screen, calls will be assigned according to the following equations SMP represents the sample wells: BioTek Representative or BioTek.

Before Repackaging The Instrument This shipping system was designed to be used no more than five times. Getting Started with Gen Valid Well Locations Another Transformation Example Every ELx reader is fully tested at BioTek prior to shipment and should operate properly upon initial setup. Panel Report Appendix A: Instructions For Programming A New Assay The kit instructions are provided so that users can see how it is possible to translate the kit wording into an ELx assay program.

Package Contents Package contents and part numbers are subject to change. Figure 3 Elx80 port allows the reader to communicate with a computer using the BioTek Gen5 software.

Use the alpha and numeric keys to choose the well location to el808 the assay. If there are any mismatches, correct them and re-run the test.


The results will be displayed for the selected wavelength. Sample IDs will be assigned according to the previously defined mapping order.

Error Codes (general) – Biotek ELx Operator’s Manual [Page ]

Filter wheel elc808 did not find the home sensor; filter wheel not. If, for example, POS is selected as shown in the above screen, calls will be assigned according to the following equations SMP represents the sample wells: Use of an adapter disconnects the utility ground, creating a severe shock hazard.

Empty Carrier Test Delta values are adjusted relative to the signal strength of the reference channel. Page Electrical noise or grounding issue.

Examples Calls are assigned to sample wells as follows: Plate screen to select one wavelength.

Manual mapping is recommended to set up the appropriate map by placing the standards, controls, and samples in only the A, C, E, and G rows.

Configure Reader Settings The ELx may be configured a number of ways, depending on user preference. Synergy HT Appendix C: