Single Phase Transformers – Construction and operation: Singh hase transformers – types – constructional details – minimization of hysteresis and eddy curent. , Technical Publications, Chapter6 Basic Concepts in Rotating Machines 6 1 to 6. Electrical Machines – II · U.A. Bakshi,M.V. Basics of D C Machines 3 1 to 3. Testing of D C Machines 51 to 5. Examples Electrical Machines – II · , Limited preview –

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No eBook available Technical Publications Amazon. Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. Account Options Sign in.

My library Help Advanced Book Search. Electrical Machines – Ii.

Synchronous Generator Constructional details – Types of rotors – emf equation – Synchronous reactance – Armature reaction – Voltage regulation – e. Synchronous Motor Principle of operation – Torque equation – Operation on infinite bus bars – V-curves – Power input and power developed equations – Starting methods – Current loci for constant power input, Constant excitation and constant power developed.


Three Phase Induction MotorConstructional details – Types of rotors – Principle of operation – Slip – Equivalent circuit – Slip-torque characteristics – Condition for maximum torque – Losses and efficiency – Load test – No load and blocked rotor tests – Circle diagram – Separation no load losses – Double cage rotors – Induction generator – Synchronous induction motor. Starting and Speed Control of Three Phase Induction MotorNeed for starting – Types of starters – Stator resistance and reactance, Rotor resistance, Autotransformer and star-delta starters – Speed control – Change of voltage, Torque, Number of poles and slip – Cascaded connection – Slip power recovery scheme.

Electrical Machines-I – , – Google Books

Single Phase Induction Motors and Special MachinesConstructional details of single phase induction motor – Double revolving field theory and operation – Equivalent circuit – No load and blocked rotor test – Performance analysis – Starting methods of single-phase induction motors – Special machine – Shaded pole induction motor, reluctance motor, repulsion motor, hysteresis motor, stepper motor and A.


Selected pages Page 4. Chapter3 Synchronization and Parallel Operation of Alternators m.v.baksho 1 to 3. Alternators 1 1 to 1. Chapter5 Three Phase Induction Motors 51 to 5 Chapter9 Special Machines 91 to Chapter6 Circle Diagram 6 1 to 6.

Electrical Machines I – , – Google Books

Bakshi Limited preview – Electrical Machines – I U. Common terms and phrases 0. Key Point leakage reactance load condition maximum torque mechanical losses method number of poles open circuit Operation of Alternators output p.

Electrical Machines – Ii M. Bakshi Technical Publications- pages 2 Reviews https: Chapter2 Methods for Calculating Regulation of Alternator 2 1 to 2. Electrical Machines – II U.