Semester 4 Lecture Notes EC Control Systems -Mini Lecture Notes – REC Edition Syllabus Regulation: Attachment Type: pdf. ANNA UNIVERSITY EC CONTROL SYSTEMS NOTESANNA UNIVERSITY ECE 4TH SEMESTERDETAILS: SUBJECT NAME: EC Subject Name: Control Systems Subject Code: EC EC Control Systems -Mini Lecture (Size: KB / Downloads: ) . Anna university plus provide lecture notes,question papers,syllabus,modal.

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Explain state space representation for descries time system. Gopal, Control Systems Engineering What is cut off frequency? Ec Control Systems Documents. Ec – Engine Control System Documents.

Evaluate the static error constants of the system. Compare bode plot and Nyquist plot analysis. Derive the transfer function for Armature controlled DC servo motor. Find the rise time, percentage over shoot, peak time and settling time. What is sampled data control system?

How do you calculate the gain margin from the syllabbus plot? What is lag-lead compensator? Identify th e variables a nd write t he dierential equation.


Control Systems Syllabus for 4th Semester ECE EC2255

What are phase variables? Santa Maria Oceanic Control Center – ec. What i s meant by Corner frequency in frequency response analysis?

Published on Apr Cintrol 36 Download 8.


What is non-minimum transfer function? What is minimum phase system?

Define Ramp signal and parabolic signal. Define Gain Margin A positional control system with velocity feedback is shown in fig. What is meant by quantization? Derive the expressions for Rise time, Peak time, Peak overshoot.

What is ec22555 response analysis?


Write the differential equations governing the Mechanical rotational system shown in fig. Sketch the response of a second order under damped system.

What is lag-lead compensation? Explain the types of compensation? EC Control Systems Documents. What is the response of the system for unit step input? How is system classified depending on the value of damping? What is the type of damping?

EC Control Systems Notes ECE 4th Semester Regulation | 5 STAR NOTES

Find a position, velocity and acceleration error constants. What are state variables?

Write the differential equations governing the Mechanical system shown in fig. Why it is needed for control system? Name the test signals used in time response analysis. State th e rule for obtaining t he breakaway point i n root locus. For this sysstems o f Kdetermine settling time, peak overshoot a nd time to peak overshoot for a unit step input.


Obtain an expression for closed loop transfer function. State Nyquist systemss Criterion.

Also determine the frequency of sustained oscillations. Sketch the Bode plot and hence find Gain cross over frequency ,Phase cross over frequency, Gain margin and Phase margin. The term control system may be applied to the essentially manual Draw the circuit of lead compensator a nd draw its pole zero diagram.

What are the advantages of Bode plot? Define rise time, delay time, peak time.