The Salutation of Red Sulphur/Durud Kibrit Ahmar This blessed salutation is well known in the Qadri tariqa. (Durood Kibrit Ahmar link posted in comments). Mar 14, i had a dream where the Prophet pbuh is about to make salaah, and they ask me to pray next to them, and i look at them with a smile and say to. Apr 17, Durood Kibrit Ahmar. Durood Kibrit Ahmar ยท DAROOD-i-KIBIYAT AHMER SHARIF-English Translation. Dalasil-ul Khairat with Darood Shariffs.

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You made porpoise, gazelle, wolf, dry date-tree, roasted meat of goat, camel, mountain, lump of clay, trees, and stone speak to him. Unto me He revealed the Ancient Secrets.

Blessings be on him duurood is the bearer of eminent respect. He is the hidden secret. He who conveyed Your message, fulfilled the trust, advised his Ummah, banished the trouble, enlightened the darkness and he waged holy war against infidelity and worshipped his Lord until he returned to eternal abode.

Had I thrown my secret over mountains, They would have become pulverized. I am Hasani and my abode is my cell, And my feet are on the neck of each Saint. And act without restraint, for His name is Exalted. On whose advent You sealed apostleship, guidance, glad tidings, warning, and prophet hood and.

Posted by shahishaharyar at 4: And he crowned me with the Crown of Perfection. Shower dyrood and peace on our master in number equal to the eyes that see and the ears that listen.


You addressed him, conversed with him in Your presence. Send blessings and confer peace on him and on his Children in number equal to the bounties of God Most High and His beneficence. Darood Kibrit Ahmar Sharif is the elective powerful instrument for spiritual and material progress of the Chishti Order, also its power is beyond description.

Durood Kibrit Ahmar – Durood of the Red Sulfur

O Allah, join him with those of your bondsmen who are highly honoured and venerated in respect of sublimity and miracles and. Had I thrown my secret over the dead, He would have stood up with the power of Exalted God. Infact the name of this Darood is Darood of the Red Sulfur. Make the blessedness of his Praiswerly station manifest to all the predecessor and successors. O Allah, bestow on him the Lauded Station and.

But you neither attained my height nor my Union. Be courageous and drink, you are my army. Translated by Muhammad Riaz Qadiri from the book: And He made kbrit a Filter over all the Polar-turnips. Infinite blessings and peace be on all kubrit them.

And so, will you terminate your wrangles with me. Such blessings be on him which may please You and please Your Beloved and by the virtue of which you are pleased with us. Such eternal blessings be on him as You are Eternal Yourself and listings as You are Everlasting and have no ahmaar, beyond your knowledge.


He is free from what they ascribe. Had I thrown my secret into the oceans, They would have at once dried up. The power of the Qassidah Ghauthia is beyond description but its number of times of recitation and its way of recitation to be effective in all respect is a very well safeguarded secret.

Gather us with your Beloved friend in Paradise without indulging us in severe torment in the condition that You are pleased with us and not angry with dhrood. Your eternal light and. On the contrary its secret way of recitation is durooe to those who are authorized.

Durood Kibrit Ahmar – Durood Of The Red Sulfur by Attariyaa | Photobucket

Bless our master Muhammad SAWS and his progeny who is the first primordial light ahmxr whose advent is mercy for the entire universe, equal in number to Your creation that has left and equal in number which has yet to come and as many as there were fortunate in them and as many as there were unfortunates in them. I am a White Falcon of every Mystic.

I am Al Jilani, my name is Muhiyuddin, And my banners fly on mountain tops. Such dyrood which have no limit, nor time-scale, nor end, nor estimation.

The Empire of Allah is under my command.