Published on Jul 10, Dua e gang ul arsh. Dua Ganjul Arsh Published in: Education. 0 Comments; 16 Likes; Statistics; Notes. Full Name. Comment goes. FAZAIL of Dua E Ganjul Arsh: ===================== One day Hazrat Muhammad Sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was sitting in the Masjid and Hazrat Jibreel. Provide the skills for designing and typesetting of Islamic Manuals in which text of multiple languages (English, Arabic, Persian, Urdu) needs to be incorporated.

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Agar ye poore images ka print out nikal kar pehne toh kya ye jayaz hoga agar print out nikale bhi toh kaisa taveez banana iski pls let me know Jazakallah. Dear this is not for Taveez, you should recite it daily for getting it’s attributes. But uper mention hai ki isko apne sath rkhe ya teelwat kre sath rkhne ka mtlb yhi hua ki kisi na kisi form m rkhna h taveej ya kisi or form m. Ganju, Sahab, jin shops per Quran e Pak dastiyaab hoty hynwahan Dua e GanjulArsh ki micro copy ka taveez bhi milta hy aap wo lysakty hyn.

Do u have Any daleel not to wear taveej in islam even after ayat and allah ka kalam or quran aayats are written in taveez What ganjkl call if some ganjuul it?? Plz let me know both answers. Did Rasool Allah s. Did he tell sahaba to wear ayats around their neck?

Dear brother, Sunan abi dawood hadees number Asy par lana ap ko ap ka jawab mil jahy ga Taveez phna jaiz ha. Mainy aik book mai end ka darood sharef mukhtalif zrsh hai Kindly bta dy yeh mistake hai??

Bhai aap ne book mein sahi parha ha. Yahan mistake ha I will correct it soon. May GOD almighty give asrh who is spreading his deen. Allah has Bestowed so much bounty on us. Attributes Of Dua-e-Ganjul Arsh: Once the Last of the Prophet P. H was sitting in the mosque.


Dua-e-Ganj Ul Arsh

At that time, Hazrat Jibrail A. S appeared immediately and taught this sacred Dua to the Prophet P.

He ib the attributes and advantages of this Dua in detail which if described here would be much lengthy and time consuming. Thererfore here we are giving a jist of the same. S said, among other things, that one who recites this Dua would be bestowed upon by Allah three things: Fristly, He will give abundance Barkat in his subsistence. Secondly, Allah would provide him subsistence from the means unknown Ghaib and thirdly, his enemies would be defeated gankul contempt.

If one recites this or keep it with himself, blessings of Allah would be continously showered on him and during the encounter with the enemy in the battle field he will come out victorous and if in travel, he would return home safe and sound. He will also remain protected from all sorts of Magic, wicked tactics and notourisity un the Devil as well as all sorts of worldly and heavenly troubles and agonies. If it is washed in the water of first raining and that water is given to the victim of the wicked tactics Jadoo to drink, the person would get rid of its wicked effects.

If it is washed in water and such water is given for drinking to a person who is suffering from serious illness which cannot be cured by the doctors, that person would Insha Allah recover immediately.

If its amulet Taweez is written in mush and saffron and given for drinking to a barren couple continously for 21 days, they would get offspring Insha Allah.

It is hopped that through its auspiciousness one may get such a high station on the Day of judgement which others may long for. One who recites will not be perverted. It is said that once a culprit who was deserving death punishment was arrested and brought before the ruler of Madina. The ruler ordered to kill him.

The executioner tried three times to kill him through a sword but to no avail. Thereafter he was thrown into the water but did not sink to die. When all the efforts to kill him failed, the ruler asked him the reason for that. The culprit said that he has kept with him the amulet of Dua-e-Ganjul Arsh duq therefore nothing could harm him.


The ruler immediately gave him amnesty and granted him a rob of honour. The ruler took from him the amulet and made it a routine to recite it. In nutshell, inn blessings contained in this Dua are countless and no one can describe them fully.

If one transforms all the seven heavens into paper and transforms all the trees on the earth into pens and go on writing its attributes throughout the futurity, these attributes would not be completed.

There is no room for any doubt in them. dia

Dua-e-Ganj Ul Arsh – Read Holy Quran Online

If one doubts he may invite misfortune for him, God forbid. The regular reciting of this Dua as a routine would help arabiic fulfillment of ones desire, abundance in the subsistence, protection and rid from the enemies, recovery from the sickness etc. There are many attributes of the Dua provided it is recited with purity of heart and soul. Salman November 12, at 3: Anonymous November 13, at areh Dr Gul Mohammad Idrishi April 19, at Anonymous May 11, at Sarfaraz Ahmad January 6, at Unknown January 15, at 7: Anonymous April 14, at 1: Anonymous July 5, at 2: Syed noor ul hassan shah November 4, at 6: Ud Dwr May 4, at 3: Atherr April 28, at 6: Zehadi Mohomed May 4, at 9: Anonymous December 2, at Mehvish Sultan February 3, at 7: Unknown April 15, at Unknown August 16, at 2: Banjul Post Older Post Home.