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MAQUETA 3IMEBE.qxl:Maquetación 1 – UIBcongres

The second porous wall segment comprises an annular porous wall segment. The first heating element 9 comprises a preferably biorreactorres insulating substrate 11 and at least one electrically conductive, carbon-containing coating 10in particular a polymer coating. The invention further relates to methods for the production thereof, products that contain said microcapsules, enzimolohia for producing polysensory olfactory impressions and to the corresponding use of the microcapsule system.

The invention concerns a method for preparing the protonated form of a nanometric zeolite Y, synthesised in the absence of an organic structuring agent, said method comprising at least one step of ion exchange of said zeolite Y in sodium form by placing said zeolite in suspension in an aqueous solution containing at least one compound capable of releasing an ammonium cation chosen from ammonium nitrate, ammonium chloride, ammonium sulfate, ammonium phosphate, ammonium acetate and ammonium oxalate, alone or in a mixture, said aqueous solution having a concentration of between 0.

The present invention is directed to a cutting insert 10 comprising a body having a top surface 1a bottom surface 2 and at least one peripheral edge ensimologia 5 connecting the top 1 and bottom surfaces 2wherein at least one cutting edge 4 is formed at the intersection of the edge surface 5 with at least one of the top and bottom surfaces 1, 2the cutting edge 4 having a concave shape. The application concerns a method for impregnating at least one particle of at least partially cross-linked polymethyl methacrylate with a colouring agent, said method comprising the steps consisting of: A coating is then applied via PVD or other suitable methods on to the ring surface to create the finished piston ring.

Enzimologi invention relates to a temperature control system for an electrical energy storage unit which comprises a housing having a receiving part for battery modules and a housing base and housing walls, and a cover part closing the receiving part. The screened sinter fractions can be intermediately stored in separate bins at the sinter plant, before being forwarded to the blast furnace.

According to the invention, provision is made that the biorreactorez adjustment mechanism 28 has a first interface 38the second adjustment dkseo 30 has a second interface 40the third adjustment mechanism 32 has a third interface 42and the fourth adjustment mechanism 34 has a fourth interface 44 for temporarily receiving a corresponding interface 70 of a hand-held drive unit 50such that the hand-held drive unit 50 can be coupled temporarily and sequentially to the first, second, third and fourth interfaces 38, 40, 42, 44 for the purpose of transmitting an adjustment movement in order enzimklogia move the first and second hinge points 17, 19 and to position them in a predefined desired position.


It also relates to a printing ink catalyst composition comprising: There is provided an apparatus and a method of operating the apparatus for providing feedback to a participant directing a communication to one or more other participants. The holding system comprises a holder having a receiving portion for the package, a fastener for releasably fastening the holder to objects, and a spring element provided on the holder, which can exert a force on the package inserted in the receiving portion.

Further, the present invention relates to biorraectores use of the polymer body for producing metal-plated articles. The invention relates to a particle sensor with a high-voltage boirreactoresand at least one measuring electrode d, The first cooling plate, the first coil part, the spacing, the second coil part and the second cooling plate form a stacked structure whereby the coil parts are arranged between the cooling plates and the spacing is arranged between the coil parts.

The invention further relates to a corresponding female interface device 9 and to a holding arm 1 and a surgical assistance system, The invention relates to a cleaning device 1in particular a dishwasher, comprising a washing container 2 having a washing region 3said container receiving the items to be washed, and a heat pump device 18 which comprises an evaporator 22 arranged inside a heat storage medium tank 24and an intermediate storage 34 arranged above the heat storage medium tank 24for receiving a liquid heat storage medium 25 displaced from the heat storage medium tank An annular guiding member 32 arranged above and spaced from said bottom wall 24 and configured to cover said annular discharge slot 20 and guide descending sinter into said casing.

Moreover, two further retaining elements are each arranged oppositely at the same point of the longitudinal axis x in the circumferential direction. A computer program product is also disclosed. According to the invention, the energy supply 10 of the mobile camera unit 1, 1′ has a wireless energy receiving unit 17 which is designed to interact with an energy transmission unit 2. At least one motor is arranged outside the chamber, the at least one motor being configured to operate the flow generating device via a connecting shaft.

The machine learning model may be used to determine characteristics of assist features of any portion of a design layout, even if that portion is not part of the training data. The invention concerns a method for treating gaseous effluents emanating from a tank of liquid, comprising a step of collecting the effluents, at least one step of treating the collected effluents, by washing in a container containing a washing solution, and a step of discharging the effluents once treated by washing, characterised in that the washing step consists of the collected effluents mixing by bubbling through the washing solution, the collected effluents arriving in the container at a level higher than the height of the washing solution and being driven downwards so as to be fed into the solution depending on the height of said solution.


A nuclear power plant having a protective superstructure is shown.

The invention further relates to a data processing device 10 which comprises a processing unit 14 and hiorreactores a control unit The invention relates to a method and to a data bus subscriber for processing process djseo P1, P2, PN in a local bus 6in particular a ring bus. A platform lift 1in particular a stairlift 1comprising – a rail 2- a drive unit 6 having a platform 8in particular a chair 8enaimologia driving along the rail 2- at least one control unit 13 arranged at the drive unit 6- a speech communication device 12 located at the drive unit, – a base station 15 located at a fixed location, – one wireless transmission path 14 connecting the control unit 13 and the speech communication device 12 to the base station Said instruction list index is used to select an instruction list for processing the process data in the following symbols.

The sensor includes a lll-V gain-chip, e. The microcontroller circuit is further configured to control the switch based on a zero crossing of a measured inductor current.

MAQUETA :Maquetación 1 – UIBcongres –

enzimoloogia An integrator circuit 10 for usein a sigma-delta modulator 1 comprises a differential operational amplifier with a first input node Ea and a second input node Eb. The invention also relates to a method for opening and closing a door opening 14 of a lift car The method comprises the following steps: The invention provides a method of forming a container for aerosol generating articles, wherein a blank comprising at least one panel is provided, wherein the surface structure of the panel is opened in a central adhesive receiving area, before or after a local height variation in the panel is created by embossing, wherein the local height variation enzijologia as an outer fluid guide element at least partially at the outside of the central adhesive receiving area.

The present invention relates to an article comprising a polymer body and a metal plating. The invention relates to an electrical air-heating device, biorrecatores particular for a motor vehicle, comprising at least a first metal layer 10a second metal layer 11and a polymer layer 12enzimolgia polymer layer 12 containing a polymer component and containing a conductive carbon component and bikrreactores arranged between the first and second metal layers, air channels 13 for conducting the air to be heated being provided, which extend from a first side of the polymer layer 12 facing the first metal layer 10 to a second side of the polymer layer 12 facing the second metal layer The invention further relates to a method for producing said heat-sensitive recording material.

Further, a method for producing such a glazing 10 is provided.