Security Advisement (B01 BETA01) Upgrade Instructions; 12/07/16 Quick Install Guide () Upgrade Instructions; 07/01/15; Download; Release Notes. D-Link DSL B. Wireless this guide we’ll take you through the setup, don’t let all the wires . clicking the Advanced link at the top of the router setup page. Login to Dlink DSLB Router · Change your Dlink DSLB IP Address · Dlink DSLB Port Forwarding Instructions · Setup DNS for your Dlink DSL-.

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Simple D-Link DSL-2640B Router Port Forwarding Instructions

You can configure the Quality of Service to apply different priorities to traffic on the router. The name does not matter so pick something that has meaning to you. MAC addresses appear janual these fields will be granted access. This figure shows the Virtual Servers Setup page that allows you to configure your virtual server s.

Your router’s IP address can also be refered to as your computer’s default gateway.

Page 87 Who uses wireless? Click Security to proceed to the wireless security section. A beacon interval is a period of time sent with the beacon before sending the beacon again. Page 24 Used by time-sensitive applications maunal as real-time video. Time Internet time servers checkbox. Our software does everything that you need to forward a port. Page 3 WAN Info The following confirmation dialog will appear confirming manuql decision to restore default settings.


Used by time-sensitive applications such as real-time video.

Download Manual for the Dlink DSLB

The ADSL settings page contains modulation and capability settings. Page 59 High network traffic areas should select Short preamble type. Dlink DSLB v3 routers include a very basic firewall that helps protect your home network form unwanted access from the internet. Then decide if you will be using any features such as manial on demand, PPP IP extension, d–link alive and then click Next. Enter the hostname and the interface that you are using.

Click Apply to save the configuration. Click Apply when finished. Warranty or superior in all material respects to the defective Hardware. System This feature is useful if you have changed the configuration on the router, but would like to revert to a previous configuration.

Ethernet port labeled LAN on the router. If you uncheck the DSL Auto-connect box, more options will appear below the check box. To test if your port has been properly s-link, you can use our Network Utilities tool, which includes a free Open Port Checker.

Page 45 Click Apply to save. To verify your IP address, please follow the steps below.

Page 51 This screen allows you to add a network traffic class rule. Click Apply to save any changes. Appendix C – Warranty D-Link may reject or return any product that is not packaged and shipped in strict compliance manua the foregoing requirements, or for which an Manua, number is not visible from the outside of the package.


Intro Download Buy News Support. After you save the settings, a screen showing the settings will appear. Bridge Filters Blocked means all MAC layer frames will be blocked except those matching any specified rules.

Page 38 The following screen appears after you save your selection. Access Control-admin Simple Network Management Protocol A protocol used for network management and monitoring network devices. Select this option if required by your ISP. To add additional virtual servers, click on the Add button. Using a power supply with a different voltage rating than kanual one included with the DSLB will cause damage and void the warranty for this product.

If you enable wireless, be sure to enter a wireless network name SSID to identify your wireless connection. Quality Of Service This ensures that time sensitive data e. This manual has been prepared using the admin user name.

This ensures that time sensitive data e.

The Save button only saves the LAN configuration data, but does not apply the configuration. The router automatically recognizes the type of connection that is required.