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It has been ratified by the majority of European states. To achieve its aggressive growth strategy its also made changes in system like introduction to ITsales Vp and hiring sales team.

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Thereafter, it shall be open for accession. If, however, there are no such prescribed conditions, the liability of the carrier by road shall be determined by this convention. Compensation is calculated in relation to the value of the goods convengia the time and place at which they were accepted for carriage.

Our main destinations are: It is important to note that, under the CMR, the exporter is legally responsible for the accuracy of the information in the CMR note. The carrier shall not be relieved of liability by reason of the defective condition of the vehicle used by him in order to perform the carriage, or by reason of the wrongful act or neglect of the person concentia whom he may have hired the vehicle or of the agents or servants of the latter.

This article related to international law is a stub. Where applicable, the consignment note shall also contain the following particulars: A few photos with and about us:. After arrival of the goods at the place designated for delivery, the consignee shall be entitled to require the carrier to deliver to him, against a receipt, the second copy of the consignment note and the goods. The day on which the period of limitation begins to run shall not be included in the period.

If a conference is convened in accordance with the preceding paragraph, the Secretary-General shall notify all the Contracting Parties and invite them to submit within a period of three months such proposals as they may wish the Conference to consider.

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Elemente Obligatorii CMR A locul si data ntocmirii ; b numele si adresa expeditorului; c numele si adresa transportatorului; d locul si data primirii marfii si locul prevazut pentru eliberarea acesteia; e numele si adresa destinatarului; f denumirea curenta a naturii marfii si felul ambalajului, iar pentru marfurile periculoase,denumirea lor generalrecunoscuta; g numarul coletelor, marcajele speciale si numerele lor; h greutatea bruta; i cheltuielile aferente transportului pret de transport, cheltuieli accesorii, taxe de vama si alte cheltuieli survenite dela ncheierea contractului si pnala eliberare ; j instructiunile necesare pentru formalitatile de vama si altele; 5.

A few photos with and about us: He shall enter his name and address on the second copy of the consignment note. When a judgement entered by a court or tribunal of a contracting country in any such action as is referred to in paragraph 1 of this article has become enforceable in that country, it shall also become enforceable in each of the other contracting States, as soon as the formalities required in the country concerned have been complied with.

If the carrier by road is also himself the carrier by the other means of transport, his liability shall also be determined in accordance with the provisions paragraph 1 of this article, but as if, in his capacities as carrier by road and carrier by the other means of transport, he were two separate persons.

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The procedure in the case of sale shall be determined by the law or custom of the place where the goods are situated.

Te vom contacta in curand! The consignment note shall be made out in three original copies signed by the sender and by the carrier. In cmd absence of convntia request mentioned in paragraph 2 or of any instructions given within the period of thirty days specified in paragraph 3, or if the goods are not recovered until more than one year after the payment of compensationthe carrier shall be entitled to deal with convfntia in accordance with the law place where the goods are situated.

If a declaration of a special interest in delivery has been made, compensation for the additional loss or damage proved may be claimed, up to the total amount of the interest declared, independently of the compensation provided for in articles 23, 24 and Acestea nu determina angajamente sau obligatii contractuale din partea companiei noastre.

The Convention shall extend to the territory or territories named in the notification as from the ninetieth day after its receipt by the Secretary-General or, if on that day the Convention has not convrntia entered into force, at the time of its entry into force. The claimant shall be entitled to claim interest on compensation payable. If the consignee refuses the goods the sender shall be entitled to dispose of them without being obliged to produce the first copy of the consignment note.


In addition, the carriage charges, Customs duties xmr other charges incurred in respect of the carriage of the goods shall be refunded in full in case of total loss and in proportion to the loss sustained in case of convntia loss, but no further damage shall be payable.

This article needs additional citations for verification. On the back is the text again in three languages. In the cases referred to in article 14, paragraph 1, and in article 15, the carrier may immediately unload the goods for cknventia of the person entitled to dispose of them and thereupon the carriage shall be deemed to be at an end.

ICT A/S: Conventia CMR

Daca vrei sa faci parte din echipa noastra acceseaza unul din formularele de mai jos: If the consignment note contains no specific reservations by the carrier, it shall be presumed, unless the contrary is proved, that the goods and their packaging appeared to be in good condition when the carrier took them over and that the number of packages, their marks and numbers corresponded with the statements in the consignment note.

If the loss of the goods established or if the goods have not arrived after cnventia expiry of the period provided for in article 19, the consignee shall be entitled to enforce in his own name against the carrier any rights arising from the contract cojventia carriage. Each Contracting Party may, at the time of signing, ratifying, or acceding to, this Convention, declare that it does not consider itself as bound by article 47 of the Convention.

The document coventia is not prescribed; there is a minimum of information required on the CMR. W3 since October 3 –