Eminent hacker Comex is back! He has hinted on developing a new jailbreak for iOS 11operating system. Here’s what the hacker tweeted. Famous iPhone Hacker Comex working on Cydia Substrate alternative Popular jailbreak hackers comex and cmwdotme release tool to emulate iOS and . And no, you probably wouldn’t want to surf the Web with it. But a video created by a hacker named Comex demonstrates a watch jailbreak.

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There are numerous developers and hackers in the Jailbreaking Community; xomex many that we thought it would be a good idea write short biographies for each individual.

Thus, in this section you will find information on some of the most notable developers and hackers in the Jailbreaking community such as Saurik, Comex, Pod2G, MuscleNerd, P0sixninja, and so many more! So what are you waiting for?

Check out this ever-expanding database of Jailbreak developers below…. When jaiobreak think of Jailbreaking you think of Saurik.

jailbraek The developer and hacker Saurik, also known as Jay Freeman his real namehas been responsible for the development of Cydiawhich is an application that allows Jailbreakers to download tweaks and themes for their iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Saurik has also played helping hand in developing Untethered Jailbreaks for a variety of devices and firmware versions. Saurik really has carried the Jailbreaking community along and has made it stronger.

The whole idea comeex his ted talk, was to compare the idea of jailbreaking your Apple iDevice to the mentality of how people like to customize their cars and other personal belongings.

jaiobreak Unlike the App Store, Cydia contains very few apps; but rather tweaks and system modifications to customize how your iDevice functions. In my opinion his speech was very well carried out, and if have a spare 13 minutes, you should check it out! MuscleNerdto many, has been known as one of the original developers since Jailbreaking was first released back in MuscleNerd is a hacker who likes to hide his true identity, and currently his real name or even a jailbbreak of himself is not available to the public.

The reason being for his work on JailbreakMe 2.

iOS Hacker Comex Interested in Developing iOS 11 Jailbreak

Comex has played a very large part in the Jailbreaking community and was recently offered an internship at Apple that has halted any future Jailbreak development work for the time being. If you have been following Comex over the last couple years on Twitter you would realize that he keeps a very low profile. He is careful not to reveal his actual name or identity; masking himself behind the alias Comex. That is until he sat down with Forbes magazine earlier this week.


Since a young age Allegra his been interested in computer programming:. The young hacker taught himself to code in the programming language Visual Basic at the age of nine, gleaning tricks from Web forums. Hacking feels like editing an English paper. You just go through and look for errors. I enjoy the challenge. P0sixninja is also one of the head members of Chronic-Dev, which has developed a variety of software and exploits for the Jailbreaking community.

JailbreakMe Hacker Comex Helping iMods Build A Cydia Substrate Alternative

It is no question that P0sixninja has played an extremely large part in the development of Jailbreaks and has helped find numerous exploits, as well as exploit finding tools. In this report by the BBC they talk about what exactly it is that P0sixNinja and his team are up to, what they hope to accomplish with the Chronic-Dev Crash Reporter Tool, and some possible things that could come out of it. It is great to see that Jailbreaking in general is starting to get more and more media attention. Hopefully if more people understand what Jailbreaking really is, it can help break some of the negative stigmas that a lot of people seem to associate Jailbreaking with.

At this time it is not known why P0sixninja has left Chronic Dev-Team. It could be due to drama within the hacking circle, simply wanting to move on from the Jailbreaking scene or a different reason completely.

For those of you that were not aware the various developers of Jailbreaks often receive a lot of money when new Jailbreaks are released. P0sixninja Working On OpenJailbreak: The hacker cojexalso known as Stefan Esser jaipbreak real nameis a German security researcher that developed an iOS 4. Once this Untethered exploit was finalized, i0n1c handed it over to the iPhone Dev-Team to release it in one of their Jailbreaking tools.

Since the time i0n1c developed this Untethered Jailbreak exploit he has been very popular on Twitter, and it has been recently rumored he may have an iOS 5. The young Canadian hacker iH8Sn0w has been responsible for several Jailbreaking related tools, the most popular being Sn0wBreeze ; that is a Windows alternative to the PwnageTool Jailbreak tool.

It is good to keep in mind that iH8Sn0w does not develop Jailbreak exploits, however, just the software that powers Jailbreaking tools. Hacker Geohotwhos real name is George Hotz, is a very controversial Jailbreak and Unlock developer who had a hand in a fair share of drama between other Jailbreak developers. He has been responsible for a few Untethered Jailbreaks, was the first person to unlock the original iPhone and was also sued by Sony for Jailbreaking the PlayStation 3.


Currently it has been rumored that GeoHot is working for Facebook and was responsible for the iPad Facebook app. With the release of the iOS 5 firmware generation, however, TinyUmbrella has been challenged by iFaith. Chpwn, or Grant Paul, is a developer responsible for several popular iOS Cydia tweaks and is even a contributor to the Cydia open source project. Recently Chpwn has been one of the main developers behind Spire, which is a Siri port to older generation iOS Devices.

Musclenerd real name is Eric McDonald, you can check this by going into Amazon and searching for ios hacker handbook just click look inside and search for Technician editor or something like that.

I purchased an Iphone 4s for my daughter off a website called Kijiji. Her birthday is in a couple of days and I waas wondering if someone can help me get this device jailbroken. Id like to think iam good online but apparently not. There has to be an easier way. My daughter is awesome shes 11 years old and a straight A student in grade 6 french immersion and has been sence primary. I wont be able to afford to get it unlocked by that company by the time its her birthday please help.

Hacker Behind Popular Jailbreak Tools Like JailbreakMe, Spirit No Longer Works For Apple

I am in Canada nova scotia carrier is telus mobility. Thanks for your time. Shawnda-lee a very worried mom. Again a worried mom. When I open Cydia app, I get a network error stating that the certificate for the server jilbreak invalid. How do I get passed this? Your email address will not be published. How To Jailbreak Jailberak Installer: Why Should I Jailbreak? Check out this ever-expanding database of Jailbreak developers below… Saurik Description: Since a young age Allegra his been interested in computer programming: Hacker Allegra also comments: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.