the issue is everybody makes new topic and wants to get FULL guide about gear, stigmas for each case of life. For cleric there are many sets. Oct 14, Aion brings with it a lot of changes in terms of overall gameplay and the simplification of the game. However, Cleric’s the goodnews is your. Oct 29, If you picked the path of the Cleric, you signed a contract secretly. A Daeva of healing must dedicate themsevles to little more than the status of.

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I thought I’d make a small guide for the next upcoming patch because there still seem to remain various misconceptions and misunderstanding what’s coming. The next patch is approx. I’ll share my personal opinion at the end and please, let’s stay civil and respectful. Just heads up, this is my experience so far. This goes for weapons as well. Clerics can no longer use staves, just as Templars can’t use Greatswords anymore. Do you know if that includes pre Because I’m about to have cleruc angry husband and me if templar can’t use greatswords period after how much we dropped into getting him this specific greatsword skin.

Kinda too late for that. Useful for PvE twinking, I guess, but with all the quests gone I’m guessing quest completionists like me will be gone as well.

Aion Cleric Class Leveling Guide

It applies for all classes. Templars can’t use greatswords the same way Gladiators can’t use dual swords, only polearms. Chanter’s clsric use mace and shield and Clerics can’t use staves. I’m not sure if they’re planning to do something with that still.

Korea used to have a Master Server that was limited to level 55 but it was merged with Live server when 6. How can you once in game find out which version of Aion your playing?

I downloaded the 6. Granted, I’m so far only at level 16 but I just want to make sure nothing glitched and that I am playing the correct version. I thank you in advance for your replies. Actually, let me correct that. I think Templars still can use Greatswords, because you can craft them in Aetherforging.

Gonna correct my original post. If you teleported directly from Poeta to Heiron or from Ishalgen to Beluslan, then you’re playing the 6.

Kubei’s guide for (and other things) – General Discussion – Aion Online

Welp, checked PTS again to be sure, turns out Clerics can use staves after all, just very late on level. I don’t recall getting this skill either lol. No dual swords for Gladiators?

My Gladiator uses both these and the polearm as the main weapons. Your ability to fly is no longer important and limited to only tiny areas around a few major cities The gear limitations, ie: Wings in 6x now only good for some of the stats they give you, as Giide is no longer important.

Aion Cleric Class Guide created by Moses

And these points are just off the top of my head without taking the time and attention to detail the OP has obviously put into their very good list of pro’s and con’s above which I very much thank them for. Just what is it we have to look forward to in 6x? I apologize for asking this but I see alot of negative and not a lot of positive here. I think I was wrong on that, but I haven’t really seen a lot of Gladiators with dual swords.


Overall I think I was wrong with the weapons area, but gears are limited. I guess most of the positive gulde come from different areas, like enchanting and PvP. Who knows, maybe 7. Or guuide make ckeric ArenaNet’s second title, since they know how to make a game too.

cleric TIPS

I still thank you aino the list you’ve obviously put a lot of time and attention to detail with. It is helpful in most areas sion. I’m not sure something this drastic needs to take place. However, it is obvious Aion needs to get back to it’s roots and what made the game awesome in the first place.

Sure they needed to add new things and freshen things up also streamline the leveling process a bit. But this feels more like Dauntless and a few other games I can think of where the sole focus is combat and PVP with what is left of Aion’s story left in as just an afterthought. If you re-read some posts, you’ll see I was wrong lol. When it comes to weapons it seems unchanged, and I know I was wrong on that since I went to double check.

Only difference lceric that clerics can’t afford but can equip to use staves c,eric enchanting staves doesn’t give any extra magical damage, unlike how it does currently. A few things on my experience on the EU 6. Again, keep in mind that my experience regarding instances was pretty limited, i mostly did CoE’s clwric the shugo always drops a box with the same daevanion skill for your class as in, if you already got that skill, just pass on the roll huide it will not give you anything new nor money as it cannot be sold – it npc’s for 19k kinah -Don’t know if they cperic contracts or not, but i got 2 ancients out of less than I think i ended up opening a total of or so counting today’s contracts and did not get any more ancients past those that i got at gjide the mark.

Hope they change that, i’m a skin nyerk afterall. I was spamming instances and I haven’t seen the Shugo a single time. I checked today my KR account about the selective re-identification and I couldn’t come to activate it. Not sure how it’s gonna be here on NA. Took this from Jalnu’s stream http: Granted this is 6. As for instances, if you’ve been cledic them then you’ve surely got a better sample than me.

I’ve really only guid doing CoE’s and i guess it’d make sense for the shugo to spawn there more often as it is always the same skill and it’s kind of the “introduction daevanion skill”. Entered Frozen Monolith twice, shugo was there once, i don’t know if he had a box or not because i had just entered to see how duoable it was up until boss in yellow gear so i didn’t get to the boss. Not sure though, but i believe you are more correct than me. When I tried to gkide the selective identification on my KR account, it wasn’t there, I wonder if it’s because I used ancient grade?


The guy in the video has Ultimate, but I don’t think that’s much of a difference. Rest assured, if it’s there, it’ll be here too. Not sure if I’ll fancy this though, it might become a strong p2w feature. Ohhh, yeah that’s aioj reason. But yeah it’s definitely a p2w feature. But hey, at least it’s only on the max gear and EU did find a way to soft-fix this with the 40 Luna on every gold pack activation. Don’t know what NA will do about it though, if anything.

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. Already have an account? All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Kubei’s guide for 6. Prev 1 2 3 Next Page 1 of 3. Posted September 17 edited.

guidee Do your Luna instances, because NCWest will modify the drops and items obtainable in it. Cradle of Eternity is 3-man and it feels like a boss rush mode, you can practically solo it if you get a slightly better gear. Both CoE and Mirash drop a better version of Ancient grade gear, in which you use it to get better gear at Frozen Monolith and so on.

Loot everything, sell everything. The gears you get as drop in instances are both skins and can be sold to NPC for kinah. The availability of Stigmas in 6. Mirash sometimes drops a bundle and it’s still a random for your class. Do the Lakrum camps and ceric near the Fortress. They’re easy and fast, and you get a specific item that gude use to buy better PvP gear, which then you also aoon to purify to the next grade.

Doing PvP instances gives you PvP stuff. PvE instances give PvE stuff. If you have Aetherforging maxed or at a certain level, you can farm mats in the open world to craft your other PvE or PvP gear.

They’re second best in game as of 6. Things to remember This patch will not be for everyone.

It has a lot of pros and cons. Because games are mostly subjective, I suggest you try it yourself and then decide whether it’s worth your time or not. If you have Kinah stored in your warehouse or legion warehouse, move it to your mains.

Otherwise, that thing goes poof forever. All of your transformations are account shared. Crucible Spire is different. Instead of getting rewards every floor, you get a Coin you use to buy stuff from an NPC. The more floors you do, the more coins you get. You still get the bundle depending on your rank.