The Cisco SPA 2-Port Adapter offers the benefits of high-quality voice over IP Easy to install and use, the SPA works over an IP network to connect. Configure your Cisco SPA Phone Adapter with our easy to use Setup Guide and start saving money with VoIP service. It’s very easy to set up and it won’t take you long – just follow the simple instructions below or have a look at the quick start guide instead. • Cisco SPA Phone.

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Depending on configuration, this leaves the SPA with two addresses; a local area network address such as Open your web browser and go to the IP address you obtained in step 1 for example, http: The default username is admin, and the default password is also admin.

If your environment cico not use NAT, you can leave these settings disabled. These features can usually be disabled on the SPA if it is connected directly to your modem since its traffic will not be subject to NAT in this configuration.

Cisco SPA – Wiki

Under Proxy and Registrationset the server you will use as registration server and the proper values for the Register Expires and Manjal Fallback Intvl:. Also confirm the following settings: You can verify or change the audio codec that will be used with the calls.

Please verify that you manuual the same codec selected in your SIP account’s settings. You can create your own dial plan if you need it. Sometimes the hour shown in your caller ID is incorrect. Following this suggestion usually solves the issue:. Set your time zone and optional NTP settings.


A good time server choice is 0. Setting the proper time zone will ensure that the time which appears on your Caller ID display is correct. Sometimes the Phone you are using is designed for a certain voltage and ring waveform. If someone tries to call you and the phone appears to be ringing for the caller but your phone never rings, please follow these steps to hopefully resolve this issue for you.

Change the Ring Waveform setting to Sinusoid or Trapezoid, the opposite of what you have set. You can also change the Ring Voltage in mqnual of 5 to 90 or These calls are not going through our Manuxl but rather through the internet directly to your ATA Device.

Restrict Source IP and make sure it’s enabled. Updated firmware is available from the Cisco site Cisco Firmware as a. ZIP archive which contains two files a. BIN with the actual firmware and a. Download and unzip this file. On the left sidebar, click ‘update firmware’ as most of the administration menu does not appear for Firefox users, downgrade to MS IE or another browser temporarily.

Click the ‘upload’ button and indicate the location of the unzipped. A box will appear with a progress indicator and a warning not to interrupt the upgrade.

SPA users who have installed the device in-line between the local PCs and the Internet will be disconnected from the Internet until reinitialization is complete. Once the new firmware is deployed, call display will operate normally and the configuration web page will display in Firefox without missing options in the administration menu. A manual for Cisco’s SPA series adapters is online at http: Begins a blind transfer of the current call to the extension specified after the activation code.

Forwards the last inbound or outbound calls to the extension specified after the activation code. Accepts the last outbound call.

  ISO 7176-14 PDF

Cisco SPA112

It lets the call ring through when do not disturb or call forwarding of all calls are enabled. Makes the next outbound call secure. It is manula if all outbound calls are secure by default.

It is redundant if all outbound calls are not secure by default. Retrieved from ” https: Views Read View source View history. This page was last modified on 5 Octoberat This page has been accessedtimes.

Privacy policy About VoIP. This is the published versionapproved on 19 October Contents 1 Configuration Details 1.

Cisco SPA112 Manuals

Attach the Cisco SPA to your network and attach an manuap phone to one of the phone ports, mahual do the following: When you hear “System Configuration Menu,” dial 1 1 0 slowly. The current IP address will be read back. X If you hear 0. The network mask can be set with option and the default gateway can be sent with option Learn more about the IVR menu options from the https: Attach the Cisco SPA to your network Access your router’s remote administration interface via your web browser typical addresses may be Refer to your router instructions for more information.

If you have not set one, then it is likely the unchanged default password. In the router’s menu, there should be a page showing a list of connected clients, with their internal IP address. Find the entry corresponding to the Cisco SPA