Ciccaba virgata BirdLife International (). Ciccaba virgata Stotz et al. (). Ciccaba virgata SACC (). Strix virgata (Cassin, ). Taxonomic Source(s): . Mottled Owl · Strix virgata · (Cassin, ). Order: STRIGIFORMES foreground recordings and 45 background recordings of Strix virgata. Total recording. Mottled Owl ~ Strix virgata (Ciccaba virgata). Introduction. The Mottled Owl is a medium-sized owl with a rounded head and no ear-tufts.

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Wikimedia Commons has media related to Strix virgata.

The mottled owl is nocturnal and spends the day in dense vegetation where it may be mobbed by other birds. Allocco maculato, Civetta marezzata Japanese: W Colombian birds, sometimes separated as race minusculahere placed in nominate. The Mottled Owl feeds on small mammals especially micereptiles, amphibians and insects and other arthropods. The mottled owl is native to Central and South America. The nest is usually a natural hole in a tree, but sometimes it is an old nest of a larger bird.


The head and back are mottled brown and the underparts whitish, with vertical bars on the chest and throat.

Flight feathers are dark brown, barred whitish or pale grey. Check-list of Birds of the World. Owls of the Firgata.

It usually cicacba in a hole in a tree but may also choose an empty nest built by another species. Both ccicaba give a series of resonant soft hoots when duetting. Lechuza estriada Spanish Colombia: The mottled owl has a very wide range and the number of individual birds has been estimated to be somewhere between five hundred thousand and five million.

What do coloured bullet points mean? The facial disc is brown, with white eyebrows and whiskers. Generally 2 white eggs are laid and incubated by the female alone while the male provides the food. In some parts of its range it is common and it is often found close to human habitations.

Typical call – Chiapas, Mexico.

IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

Barn Owls to Hummingbirds “. Avibase is also available in the following languages: Mottled Owl Ciccaba virgata. Search Avibase search Browse by families. The tail feathers are dark brown above, with narrow whitish bars.


Photos of Mottled Owl (Ciccaba virgata) | the Internet Bird Collection (IBC)

Only subscribers are able to see the bibliography. Login or Subscribe to get access to a lot of extra features! Rather widespread, and considered fairly common to common in some places; reportedly common in S Mexico in lowlands, Subspecies and Distribution C.

Your sightings No sightings Add to a lifelist: Lechuza Chillona, Lechuza Colilarga Estonian: Roosts during the day among dense foliage of trees and thickets, within creepers rising up tree trunks, or in natural holes.

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Its large eyes are adapted for sight at low levels of light, and its hearing is also acute. N South America the Guianas Ciccaba virgata borelliana: International Union for Conservation of Nature.