: Oath Breaker: Chronicles of Ancient Darkness, Book 5 (Audible Audio Edition): Michelle Paver, Ian McKellen, Orion Publishing Group Limited. Chronicles of Ancient Darkness #5: Oath Breaker [Michelle Paver, Geoff Taylor] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. “Fast-paced and exciting . Note: This is the 5th book in the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series so this will not be an in-depth review. I picked up Oath Breaker by Michelle Paver.

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I am really angry. The first one, Wolf Brother was good. This was the 5th book, so there’s only one more left in the series and that’s really heartbreaking for me because I could read these books forever! Fin-Kedinn was in love with Torak’s mother, but she loved Fa, Torak’s father, and followed him into exile when they fled the Soul-Eaters. Darknness a young man coming from the secretive Wolf Clan, Fa’s ambition was to become a Mage and he eventually succeeded, becoming the Wolf Clan Mage; in the words of the Clan Leader, Maheegun, Fa was the greatest Mage the clan ever had and succeeded in ‘becoming wolf for a few heartbeats’.

I was so pleasantly surprised because I did not expect to love this one so much. I am not sure if I will read on. She said “It will still dxrkness set in pre-history, but chronlcles a slightly later time and a different part of the world. Wonder where the next place will be, since Torak had practically wandered kf, in about 2 years according to the oathbrreaker.


This was the 5th book, so there’s only one more left in the series and that’s really heartbreaking for me because I could read these book I swear, this is my absolute favorite series. I’ve not really been in to reading for a long time now, but I still push myself to pick up a book as I feel guilty for not being in the habit.

Oath Breaker

Torak embarks on a search for a cure, which takes him to mysterious islands where the Seal Clan live. The writing is excellent, characterisation likewise, and the world is just splendid.

The whereabouts of the last fragment are unknown. I cannot recommend this series enough to people!!

Chronicles oathbdeaker Ancient Darkness Spines of the six first editions. As the series go on, they get progressively darker, and not in a Harry Potter-ish “we are battling a great evil with friends standing beside us” type of way.

Jul 12, Daria Pereshina rated it it was amazing. I’d recommend this series to kids of any age, only pausing to phrase my recommendation with a disclaimer that this series takes place in an imagined world, years ago. Eostra falls into a crevice, pulling Torak with her. He falls to his death as Eostra’s eagle owl snatches the fire opal from the Oak Mage.

Chronicles of Ancient Darkness: Oath Breaker Paperback

Aug 31, CaroleHeidi rated it it was amazing. In addition to academic study, she travelled to north-eastern Finlandwhere she trekked with a field guide over miles across the forests. Sadly, Torak has become a very stupid whining asshole. Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals.


Chronicles of Ancient Darkness: Oath Breaker

Then the Walker, who appeared insane when Torak and Renn previously met him in Wolf Brother, arrives and reveals himself to be Narrander, the seventh Soul Eater thought to have been killed in the great fire years before. Wolf is still confused by human customs. The three realize this was why the two surviving Soul Eaters were not hunting Torak as well. Open Preview See a Problem? I need a moment A script was in production, according to an answer to a fan letter.

Oath Breaker | Chronicles of Ancient Darkness Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Although Torak is happy for Wolf, the fight is not over, as Eostra, the last and most dangerous of the Soul Eaters, now has the fire opal. She scribbled down a few pages of a rough draft taking place in the 9th century, focusing on an orphaned boy with his wolf cub.

Well, maybe the writer is suffering from Rowling-itis. Eostra then tries to use Torak’s hair to claim his power.

Her snarky comments with the Red Deer clan were simply hilarious.