The Portable Atheist has ratings and reviews. Christopher Hitchens continues to make the case for a splendidly godless universe in this first-ever. quotes from The Portable Atheist: Essential Readings for the Nonbeliever: ‘ Owners of dogs will have noticed that, if you provide them with food and w. Christopher Hitchens’s personally curated New York Times bestselling anthology of the most influential and important writings on atheism, including original.

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Excellent parody of what one would have to believe if one wishes to reconcile what we know scientifically today with the teachings of the Bible. They have never for one second considered the possibility that a different religion might actually be the true one.

Jul 16, David rated it really liked it Shelves: I love reading essays and short pieces, but it becomes a problem when I find collections that I don’t particularly like, because I don’t want to buy a collection for a single essay.

Is that why religion with its vivid promises of afterlife joy for you, and, hopefully, misery for your enemies may still be attractive to most people? In all this, a superstitious man finds nothing, which he has properly performed for the sake of his deity, or which can peculiarly recommend him to the divine favor and protection. Quotes, quotes, quotes…great quotes throughout.

The Portable Atheist Quotes by Christopher Hitchens

The book is clearly uneven. Don’t miss this chance of walking along with this brilliant mind in this book, which is one of his works that is above ordinary even by his standards. We did not know of our close kinship with other animals. I particularly hated the section from Einstein, which consisted of an endless series of two sentence snippets from letters written throughout his lifetime And second, irreducible complexity.


Hitchens points that if Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam succeeds in weaning young black men off narcotics, this would not alter the fact that the Christppher is a racist crackpot organization. I got quiet and slipped out the door fearing he would become insane and kill someone. Hitchens himself has also written an enjoyably barbarous introduction to the book, as well as brief introductions to each of the selected authors.

That chrisyopher not a problem with Hitchens, who combines the fundamental originators of the atheist thought, with the writings of Hume and Spinoza, with the great leaders of the modern atheist movement, including a few essays from my personal favorite, Professor Daniel Dennett.

Christopher himself can always provide a few zingers: Kuhn is out of his senses. Apr 02, Matt rated it really liked it Shelves: The very idea is obviously absurd pkrtable this great majority of all believers of all religions. An Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion. A Moral Case for Respectful Disbelief. The introduction of this book is one of the wittiest and thought-provoking writings and many other provided plenty of food for thought.

I respect his conclusion of his personal assessment of our world and the facts before him, but I come to a vastly different, equally respectable conclusion after considering the same facts and philosophical arguments. Is it available in India?

But for confirmed atheists, the fight should not be specifically against religion. At the heart of it there is a meaningless question: I would recommend protable to anyone interested on the subject, not depending on at what level they may come informed on this very broad topic.

I sought out this book because the bits of writing I’d seen in the past by Christopher Hitchens were extremely insightful and articulate, and to honor his recent passing away I atheisf it was time to read one of his christophe. I think this is sufficiently plain to all, and will therefore say no more on athekst subject. Victor Stenger advances the argument that we know enough to discard the god hypothesis.


Or if they were ever so willing to employ it, passion and a heated imagination disturb the regularity of its operations. Page 70 Karl Marx Luther, we grant, overcame bondage out of devotion by replacing it by bondage out of conviction. This book provided me the best understanding of why the concept of an afterlife diminishes our one and only real life. Elizabeth Anderson provides one of the strongest essays of this book.

Lara Denis – – Kant-Studien 94 2: There is nothing more; but I want nothing more. Their credulity increases his impudence: Jesus demands faith, but not knowledge.

The Portable Atheist – Wikipedia

Page The resilience of the end-time forecasts — time and again, for five hundred years, the date is proclaimed, nothing happens, and no one feels discouraged from setting another date.

When he is, it’s annoying – like listening to a teenage girl on a cell phone on the train fighting with her boyfriend-of-the-week about “I know you are, but what am I? It still bears the stamp of a fantastic mind, and still has its shining moments. First, the words the jump to my mind after reading this book are, “holier than thou,” “dogmatic,” “exclusive,” and well, many others that are used by atheists against people of faith.

The Portable Atheist

He mentions great critics such as Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine, who perhaps paradoxically regarded religion as an insult to god. Great insight on morality. I suppose that the first, and most important, thing to say is that I recommend this book to everyone.