Caris Roane, paranormal romance author, presents Guardians of Ascension reading order for her wonderful fans. Paranormal Romance Author Caris Roane presents Ascension, a paranormal romance book and Guardians of Ascension Book One. Ascension: Book 1 of The Guardians of Ascension Paranormal Romance Trilogy [ Caris Roane] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Discover a secret, sensual world of winged vampire warriors and the women they crave—in an epic battle between unearthly longing and immortal love…. CataRomance Winner for Paranormal Romance. On The Wings of Desire. Alison Wells is no ordinary woman. Born with super-natural powers, she can never make love to a man without putting him in grave danger.

Your blood belong to me. In the Heat of Passion. As a Guardian of Ascension, he is sworn to protect Alison from the death vamp armies who crave her blood and her power. But Kerrick has cravings of his own-a forbidden longing to open his heart xaris veins to Alison.

To share his blood…satisfy his thirst…and seal their fates forever. The following is the opening scene to Ascension…. A most sacred mantle lost to the desecration of those who partake of dying blood.

Kerrick stood by the bar at The Blood and Bite, looking for a woman, the right ascesion, the one that would keep his head straight, the one he craved.

Hunger lived in him now, deep, begging, fierce. He was a vampire and a warrior. He needed what he needed. Yet something had changed and now he craved. His gaze slid around the cwris Phoenix club, into the many dark corners, the deep padded booths covered in red velvet, past the flashing strobes meant to disguise the various dark deeds which brought mortal women in droves to the vampire joint.

The bar had the only real light, enhanced by a tall mirror behind a roanw of hundreds of gem-like bottles. The rest of the club slid to darkness all around the edges.

Vibrant moans punctuated the noise of the club and made czris thighs twitch all over again. Kerrick leaned his hips against the bar and turned to scan the roand floor. Loud sexy music pumped through the dark club. Shadows passed back and forth, women giggling, men chasing as they had from the beginning of time. He shook his head. Kerrick palmed the back of his neck and rubbed. How long had he been here? Yeah, his muscles had been tight for twelve centuries. Ascebsion would it be like to have the strain worked out of every muscle?


He turned in the direction of the barkeep then tapped his glass on the counter. Kerrick nodded his thanks then threw back the whisky. He was used to the burn as he swallowed.

He let the fire eat up his throat. He breathed in the vapors, felt his veins melt a little, yet no relief. Never relief, just a slight unwinding. Again, what the hell is with you? He always took care of the warriors, staying close. He flipped Kerrick off then slashed the small aacension card to his ear. Kerrick shifted hips and torso, his gaze locked on Thorne.

Thorne kept his fingers around the tumbler, stroking his thumb up and down the cold glass. She headed the main peacekeeping force in their world and the warriors were hers to command. She was also a stick of dynamite, lit, ready to go off. Kerrick drew in another deep breath. His gaze drifted to the raone floor. A wicked beat had the ladies gyrating and the men putting their hands everywhere. A few fangs pierced necks, which forced Kerrick to take another deep breath. He should get out there and cqris some relief.

So would getting inside a woman. Yet, how long would the buzz last? These days, not even two minutes so what was the point? What he needed was a scent meant only for him, a myth, a woman who could fill all the deep gorges of his heart. Even if he found her, he was bound, hands together, ankles lashed, mouth gagged, heart blocked by a steel cage of guilt.

Sam was once more at his elbow. He looked up at Kerrick but kept speaking into the phone. In fact, I think he czris to be pulled for the night.

Kerrick could hear the shouting and the words toane the same set he used when he was just a little pissed off. He smiled and sipped.

Ascension – Caris RoaneCaris Roane

Endelle had lost her subtlety a few millennia ago. The Warriors of the Blood loved her, hated her, goddam respected her. Finally, he thumbed his phone and replaced it in an upper slit of his black leather kilt. He wore battle gear and would soon head out like the rest of them. Battling always helped, always took some of the strain from his neck. He stood upright ready for action. Thorne just looked at him. Kerrick shook his head. You know the vow I took and so does Endelle.


He split his resonance. She never pushes me about assignments so she must have her reasons. She saw something in her meditations, which as you know do not always pan out.

All conversation, from one end of the club to the other, got knocked off-track for about three long seconds. Kerrick glanced around and anyone looking his direction immediately looked away. Thorne lifted off his seat, his hazel eyes hard as steel.

Jeannie worked at Central Command. Central mapped the entire Metro Phoenix area and knew exactly where the enemy operated and where the warriors needed to be. Kerrick narrowed his eyes, his fingers flexed around asvension tumbler.

He imagined his sword in one hand, dagger in the other. His heart rate increased. He returned his phone to the same pocket and let another juicy set of obscenities fly. Four pretty-boys active in a downtown alley.

You know the drill. He clapped Thorne on the shoulder. And now, have a wonderful day and an even better night!

For more information rooane my books, keep scrolling! Do you enjoy free ascendion I also run subscriber-exclusive giveaways, so be sure to sign up on my home page in the right hand column where it says: Subscribe to Our Mailing List! Enjoy and hugs, Caris Roane! Be sure to look for your welcome letter which has the link to your free e-book! The man held her heart in his hand.

He had for the past five years. Did he even have the smallest clue? For Buy Links and to Read More.

Caris Roane

As Duncan battles the dangerous death vampires at night, during the day he fights an even greater monster: Blood Rose Series 9. Mastyr Vampire Stone wants to bond with Aralynn, his battle partner, until he learns she lives a double life as a woman he despises…. For hundreds of years, Stone has lived a solitary life, serving Tannisford Realm as he battles the deadly Carks wraith-pairs with his Vampire Guard.

More about Caris Roane and her books!!! Blood Flame — 1 Flame Series. Because the woman possesses the ability to kill him with the tips of her fingers, how can he possibly fall in love with awcension