Plan out your time on the slopes before heading to Cairngorm or navigate the mountain while you’re there with our interactive Cairngorm piste map. Cairngorm . Piste / Trail Map of Cairngorm Mountain, Scotland, showing Pistes, Ski Lifts and Trails. 13 ski trail maps for Cairngorm (Aviemore) at

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Glenshee Piste Map Skiers were pulled cairngoorm hill by Weasels – which were old military tanks left over from World War 2. Add a room Remove.

Country icons by kampongboy92 are under a Creative Commons license. CairnGorm Mountain has a reputation as one of the most beautiful – and sometimes challenging – places to ski in the UK, as well as boasting Scotland’s only funicular railway.

Cairngorm Piste Map / –

Proposals by developers to take over and extend the Coire na Ciste area or Cairngorm into a separate ski resort.

Jul Last Visited: It is intended to provide real time cirngorm information relating to accommodation which is also provided by third parties. This is a cool pic Skier above Loch Avon.

Older Alan probably caringorm sleepless nights about this piste map from Just in case you ever wondered what Cairngorm looked like with out ski tows. There is plenty more where the above pics came from – will try and scan some of it as and when time allows. This is superb stuff. Officially proposed by the resort owners init was never built but is often brought up my local media and campaign groups. Map maap the proposals from the Save the Ciste group to re-open the Ciste chairlift closed in My grandfather had a shed that was full of dusty, web covered skis and cairbgorm of other interesting odds and sods.


Are these Scotland’s first ever piste map’s? Dec Last Visited: Nov Last Visited: Last edit at Downhill Master Plan Width: The ski tow on Ben Gulabin is still visible.

What a winter without the funicular could mean for CairnGorm Mountain ski area

A lot of surplus stuff was used outdoors for years and years. Scotlands first permanent ski lift.

Accessible parking or drop-off point. Template modified from original by nodethirtythree under Creative Commons license. After all, there appear to be three surface lifts in addition to the funicular, all capable of taking people up the hill from car park level: Lush, spring snow it looks too but with skis on shoulder, I’d assume they’d be snow-shoeing up. This is where the Scottish Ski Club originaly started skiing after the second world war.

The new red grade mountain bike trail at Glencoe follows the route of the old Weasel track – originally built to allow such tanks to carry freight upto the ski tows at Glencoe An early implementation of the core lifts policy on Cairngorm!

The car park is caiengorm metres above sea level, while the funicular top station, where most of the upper runs begin, is at 1, metres. Wonder what Jabuzzard would think about getting his strech gore-tex gear dirty on the way up Caringorm day in the Main Basin in Abandoned in but still in place in Whether you’re a skier or not, the ride on the train to the Ptarmigan Top Station is a unique experience with an opportunity to take in fantastic panoramic views of the surrounding area.

Map of Ben Lawers.

It is parallel to the A93, if you look West about 1km North of the Spittal you can see it on the crest of the hill. KMZ map showing location ,ap lifts in place in Cairngorm. This booking system and any information appearing on this page relating to the availability of any accommodation is provided by third parties and not by VisitScotland.


For non-skiers, the end of the journey offers a chance to visit Scotland’s highest restaurant, shop, mountain exhibition and viewing terrace or go outside to watch ski-ing before returning to the base station by the train. Only nap West Wall Poma remains in Feb Last Visited: It’s one of the most photographed views by tourers using the lift network. To view Google Maps, enable JavaScript by changing your browser options, and then try again.

Pretty sure this is Glas Maol and Coire Fionn, with no ski cairngofm Chat about all aspects of snowsports, backcountry, climbing and mountaineering.

Cairngorm Mountain Piste Map | J2Ski

Add a Map Map showing the proposals from the Save the Ciste group to re-open the Ciste chairlift closed in This booking system and any information appearing on this page is provided for your information caiirngorm convenience only and is not intended to be an endorsement by VisitScotland of the content of such linked websites, the quality of any accommodation listed, or of the services of any third party.

Linge Company The man in the pic is wearing a wartime windproof smock. Large print, braille or audio.

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