View and Download Edimax BRNC setup manual online. BRNC Network Router pdf manual download. View and Download Edimax BRnC quick installation manual online. Mbps Wireless Broadband Router. BRnC Wireless Router pdf manual. Router manuals, setup guides, features, specifications and general router Operating as a router, access point or range extender, the BRnC V2’s flexibility.

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Further, Edimax Technology Co, LTD reserves the right to revise this publication and to make changes from time to time in the contents hereof without obligation to notify any person of such revision or changes.

System and Network Setup DO NOT put this router at or near hot or humid places, like kitchen or bathroom. Also, do not left this router in the car in summer. Computer or network devices with wired or wireless network interface card.

Web browser Microsoft Internet Explorer 4. System and Network Setup Establish network connection Please follow the following instruction to build the network connection between your new Broadband router and your computers, network devices: Connect the power adapter to the wall socket, and then connect it to the 5VDC socket of the router.

Please check all LEDs on the front panel. Before you can connect to the router and start configuration procedures, your computer must be able to get an IP address automatically use dynamic IP address. Click Start button it should be located bf lower-left corner of your computerthen click control panel. Double-click Network icon, and Network window will appear. Right-click Local Area Netwrok, then select Properties.

You should see the 62228nc authentication window Please input admin in User name field, and in Password field, and click OK button to enter nr configuration interface. Model Displays the model name of this bf If t establish connection with broadband router with web browser got The page cannot be displayed or similar error messagethe IP address you inputted may be wrong. Input cmdthen click OK Input ipconfigthen press Enter key. Please follow the following manusl to use Janual Setup menu: Click Quick Setup after logged in.

In the first step of quick setup, you can setup automatic time synchronization settings.

Edimax BR-6228NC Setup Manual

The descriptions of every setting items are listed as follow: If you don t know the host name or IP address of time server, please ask network administrator or use pool.

If you want to go back to previous step, please press Back button on the bottom of this page. Here are descriptions of every setup items: If you wish to select another connection type as broadband connection type, click Back ; or you manuzl click OK to finish with quick setup.

You ll see the following messages: Please click Apply to save changes you made and restart the broadband router, this requires about 30 seconds and the broadband router will stop responding this is normal and is msnual malfunction.

Idle Time Out Please specify the time 6228nd shutdown internet connect after no internet activity is detected in minute s. This option is only available when connection type is Connect on Demand.


PPTP connection type requires two kinds of setting: Password Please input the password assigned by your Internet service provider here. General Setup This broadband router provides a Quick Setup menu, and you can setup basic parameters of this broadband router. Click General Setup after logged in. All available setup items will appear as a list under General Setup tab: You can select one setup item from the list: Firewall Firewall settings Please go to chapter Parental Control Parental control,controls children from accessing inappropriate web site Please go to chapter Please select the setting item you wish to set, then click Apply button to proceed.

You can also click Previous button to back to System menu. It s important to have correct date and time setting if you need to read system log and use build-in firewall functions. The descriptions of every setting item are listed as follow: Item Name Description Time Zone If you keep using the default passwordother people may access the configuration interface without your permission.

Please change the password as soon as possible. If it s not required for you to manage this broadband router from Internet, you can disable this function to improve security. You can reconnect to this broadband router and continue on other settings later. Internet connections of this broadband router in WAN menu: Please select the WAN connection type you wish to use to setup Internet connection, and click Apply to save changes you made.

If you re not sure which connection type you should use, please contact your ISP s service hotline and ask for help.

Dynamic IP is often used by cable modem Internet connection. In this case, you have to select this connection type to establish connection with your ISP. PPTP requires two kinds of setting: Suggestions on IP address numbering plan: If you have no idea on how to define an IP address plan for your network, here are some suggestions. A 62228nc IP address has 4 fields: To delete one or more entries listed here, please check the box of the mapping entry under Selectand click Delete Selected button.

If you manuap to delete all mapping entries, click Delete All button.

Please select one setting in this menu, then click Apply to proceed. If you wish to go back to previous page, click Previous. Please select the working mode of this broadband router from Mode dropdown list first: Standard wireless AP access point. This broadband router acts as both wireless communication client and server – connects to another wireless access point as client, and serves other wireless clients as server.

Item Name Description Band Please select the radio band from one of following options: ESSID is used to identify your own broadband router from others when there are other broadband routers in the same area. When you finished with the settings in this page, you can click Apply button to save changes you made in this page, or you can click Cancel to discard changes.

After you click Apply button, you ll see the following messages: If you have the access privilege of other wireless access point nearby, and you wish to use that access point to access Internet, you can use this connection type: It s recommends to select this band to maximize compatibility.


You can type any alphanumerical characters here, maximum 32 characters. This mode supports only one wireless access point peer. Please note that when you select this mode, this broadband router will act as wireless bridge only, and will not accept other wireless clients.

Channel Number Select the channel number you wish to use; This mode supports up to four wireless access point peers. This broadband router can establish communication with up to four WDS-compatible wireless access points, and let all computers connected to the LAN ports of every wireless access points communicate with each other.

It will repeat the signal of the wireless access point you specified, to extend its wireless coverage. The broadband router will still accept wireless clients when in this mode.

Edimax BR-6228nC Quick Installation Manual

When you click Set Security button, the following window will appear: Please select an encryption method from Encryption dropdown menu, and corresponding setting will appear: Disabled Encryption is disabled. Using bit is safer than bitbut will reduce some data transfer performance.

Generally it s Password Please click Apply to save changes, or click Reset to clear the texts in all fields. Only authenticated clients can establish wireless connection with this broadband router. Please click Apply to save changes, or click Reset to clear the texts in all fields. If you click Applythe following messages will appear: You can click Continue to back to 6228nx page and continue setting, or click Apply to restart the broadband router so the changes will take effect.


You can use this function with other security measures described in previous section, to create a safer wireless environment.

All MAC address entries will be listed in this page: To delete one or more entries listed here, please check the box of the entry you wish to delete Under Selectand click Delete Selected button. Any WPS-compatible wireless clients can establish secure connection with this broadband router with simple push-button type configuration or PinCode type configuration. Total Download You can set mwnual limit of total download Bandwidth bandwidth majual kbits.

To disable download bandwidth limitation, input 0 here. It will be a problem when such user wants to provide services to other users on Internet, because their IP address will vary every time when connected to Internet, and other user will not be able to know the Manyal address they re using at a certain time.

This field will appear only when authentication type is QRC. Please click Apply to save changes you made and restart the broadband router, this requires about 30 seconds and the broadband router will stop responding this is normal Comment Please input any text to describe this mapping, up to 16 alphanumerical characters. Add the mapping to port forwarding table. Reset Remove all inputted values.