Mind magic from Bill Dekel – Only three of them need anything tangible, and only one requires writing; the rest can be performed naked. Combat with your. This may just turn out to be the trick of ” – Jim Klodzen. Bill Dekel is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Bill Dekel and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world.

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Dominic Reyes — In what situations do you think it excels and in which do you think require more careful handling? The greater the risk the deke reward.

Bill Dekel — I feel that we as mentalists are all standing on the shoulders of giants, and as such we can only go farther with every passing year, in terms of performance and techniques. I believe, be it sooner or later, that we will eventually reach a point where we will truly be able to read minds.

Dominic Reyes — How have you reacted to the reaction you have received from mentalists about Air Writer? Derren Brown because he comes up with some absolutely brilliant ideas and then uses his well developed skills to make them a reality.

I admire Banachek primarily because of the guts he has to perform the kind of psychological forces that he has come up with. Joshua Quinn because his work in the manipulation of words and equivoque has inspired some of my greatest effects.


I always like watching Oberon perform because he makes magic, be dekdl with cards or keys, tangible, bright, and charming, flowing seamlessly from one trick to the next.

Last but not least I love David Copperfield because of his brilliant showmanship. His powerful acting abilities that enable him to make the impossible real, no matter how larger the scale, and to relate it to every one of his spectators in a personable, way, often linking it with a story. Bill Dekel — As I think that mentalism will only get closer to the real thing, I want to be one of those on the edge of reality, pushing forwards to create a reality for both me and my spectators.

Lybrary: Bill Dekel

Dominic Reyes — Thanks for taking the time for this short interview Bill. Good luck with your magic and congratulations on a great bit of mentalism!

Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Psionicscalled Mene, Mene, Dekel a. I first came up with MMD after some hours of thinking about how I could name a number that someone had written in the air.

Dominic Reyes — That must have been very frustrating, like a missing demel in a jigsaw, how did you solve dkeel Bill Dekel — It was!

I spent the next few weeks losing sleep trying to come up with a way to make MMD work with letters. I thought out half a dozen ideas, but threw each of them out; none of them were simple or clean enough. Then Timon Krause, one of the reviewers of MindCraft: I read his idea and instantly knew that it would work.


I adapted it and, working with Timon, Air Writer was born. Bill Dekel — It works extremely well with a list of dekfl sort.

Joel Dickinson – Code Break

Some common applications I anticipated include names, star signs, and playing cards, among many others. As Timon noted, it can be used with virtually any list your spectator can come up with as well. The benefit of having a collection of known words is that it allows you to have a spectator write only one or two letters in the air.

That said, I think the first mind reading effect that I ever performed was at school, when I used my Mind Power deck. I fanned the deck with the faces towards my spectator.

I then asked my spectator to think of one of the cards. I then told him what card he was thinkingbut pointed out that it was merely an illusion. I then showed him the faces of all of the delel to show that his card had never been in the deck. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.